Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Here’s a goal I have for the New Year. I don’t want to read the cover of all the magazines at the grocery store. I don’t want to read any of them! I go to the grocery store every Monday and as I stand in line to check out I read all the covers of the crazy magazines. I catch up on all the celebrity gossip. I find humor in the outrageous claims that are made. I marvel at how many diets the magazine people can come up with. How to lose 20 pounds in 20 minutes. Lose weight while you sleep. Eat what you want, never exercise and still look great in a bikini. For some reason I search out for People magazine because in my mind they tell the truth. I only rely on what they have on the cover as fact.

It’s crazy! I would never buy one of those magazines and read it. (Wait. I did buy one fan mag and it was because my friend Elliott was in it!! I still have it!) But, on the whole I would not buy or read one. I don’t watch “Extra” to get celebrity gossip. I don’t read internet celebrity gossip. So, why do I read those covers? Am I just bored as I wait to load my groceries? Why is it since I haven’t wanted to read them that they’ve been taunting me at the store? It must be a gossip demon.

Well, my goal is to avoid them all. I will refuse to look at them. I will have to let you know what I find to do productive while I wait in the grocery line.


Pamelotta said...

I must confess that I would rather get my hair cut at a salon than at someone's house because I know the salon will have gossip magazines that I can look at while my hair is processing and I don't have to actually buy one!

MONICA said...

I confess that grocery check-out garbage tempts me as well. What is it with outrageous celebrity gossip anyway? I feel sorry for most of those people, but still. I tend to be drawn to the new and ending love affairs. Good luck with that one. I will think of you while I am trying to check out without checking out the rags.

Cyndi said...

I too confess... I pick them up too. they do show sex, stuipd diets,that is why they are at the check out because if they were anywhere else in the store even on a magazine rack no one would pick it up and read it or much less to buy one. Magazine people chasing the good ol' dollar.
Good luck you can do it that is for sure... If anyone can you can.

Francesca said...

You could always spend that time praying God would give you a prophetic word for the check-out person. Or counting the stains on walmart's floor. You know, whatever.