Friday, December 28, 2007

My Special Post

This is a very special post for me. It’s my 300th post. Yes 300. No one else is near that kind of number in our small Blogville community. That’s either because I happen to find myself more interesting than I ought or I have a lot of time on my hands. (I don’t really thing either of those is true.) I just enjoy writing and sharing. Obviously, with my big 300 birthday I’m not going to try to tackle some crazy “300 things I Love” or “300 things I hate” or “300 things I’d like to do.” If I were going to make a list I think it would have to be “300 Things I Can Think Of.”
Instead I decided that I would bring back to memory my very first two posts. It was titled: Taste of What You’ll Find Here. It dates back to April 10, 2006.

Taste of What You’ll Find Here.

I want to use this blog to get out into the air all the wonderful observations that go on in my mind. I say wonderful in the sense that some are wonderful/great and some wonderful/Full of Wonder. As a mother of 5 small children I hear all the time, "I don't know how you do it". I think this would be a nice place for some of those people to come so they can read for themselves all the "Wonderful" details.
Now I have read an article between the difference of a blog and an online journal. I do realize that they are not the same thing. Honestly, I'm not sure which mine will turn out looking more like.

Here's my observation for the day. It will be a pretty good example of what you will find here so if you're not interested now you may never be.

I was about to go to lunch today with my husband when my 4th (Melody) starts crying all over the house because she is simply finding it impossible to put on her Hello Kitty shoes. My husband comes home and he's having a hard day so I'm snuggling with him for a minute or two when Melody comes in with her shoe still undone and she climbs up on me and wipes her nose all over my shirt. OBSERVATION: I think there has only been about 30 days total of the last 7 and a half years that I haven't had snot, spit-up, vomit, or poop on my shirt! (I know I just lost Erica as a reader).

That's a long time. 7 and a half years! Now for the kicker...when will it stop? Melody is three already and she did it today. Who knows when Miles will stop doing it. The way he's still spitting up I'm not doing the countdown anytime soon.

THOUGHT: Here's something that crossed my mind today. Another good example of what you will find here.
I thought about how people think juggling is impressive. If someone can juggle three things pretty well it's a neat trick they can do. If someone can juggle five things and throw a bowling pin or a stick of fire in there then they can make a living at such a talent. I haven't touched a bowling pin today but let's see what I've juggled today:
2 boys up and ready for school
signed folders and tests
packed 2 lunches
brushed and fixed 6 people's hair
breakfast for 6
clean up breakfast for 6
made coffee
dressed 4 people
made a medicine bottle- 4 different medications one of them he has 3 times a day
fed baby
had one therapy and talk session with a friend that came to help with Miles (40 min)
put up laundry for 7 people...That's a lot to put up!
encouraged 2 friends
put 3 kids down for a nap...2 of them twice
went to lunch with husband and 3 kids
watered 5 plants
kissed a few boo boos
gave 4 spankings

It's now 3:00 and the busy part of my day begins. I'm about to have all five kids here. There will be homework and much more. I'm making a dinner for a friend of mine that just had a baby . They have 6 in their family and I have 7 in mine so I will be making dinner for 13 and there's no dinner party going on here!

I'm off to the second part of my three part day. I like to call 3:00 "crunch time". If handled properly then the rest of the day goes smoothly.

So, there's a little taste of what my blog will look like. No worries to Randy. When he saw what I was doing he gave me instructions to not put my address or phone number on here. He recently saw a expose on blogs where teens give out too much information. I dare say I'm safe from 40 year old perverts. Not many of them like women with a lot of children and spit up on their shirts.

Post #2
I was thinking about my last post. I know when reading it's easy to read over things without understanding the scope of the material. In my list of things that I did this morning I said that I fixed 6 people's hair. Look at this more closely. When I said that I fixed 6 people's hair...5 of them did not want their hair done! Two people were eating Cookie Crisp cereal while I sprayed their hair down with a water bottle and then brushed their hair. Two of them are little girls that had many many tangles. One of them cannot hold their own head up! I had to hold Miles who weighs 22 pounds with one arm, balance his body where his head is available to me, spray his head with the water bottle with one hand which he hates, put the bottle down, brush his hair while still balancing him, curling his wet hair with my fingers then putting him back down. Then, the last person is me. Of course by now all that is done with my hair involves a brush and a pony tail holder. Thank goodness Randy does his own hair!

So, go to my last post and add this more involved list with each item. Now, you get a better idea of what my day looks like.

That’s it. My first two posts in Blogville. Happy 300th to Me! Was it an accurate representation of what you will find on my blog?


Pamelotta said...

You had me at "hello!" I love reading your blog. I hate to say this, but it is one of my very favorites. Somehow, though, I don't think there's a lot of competition for that spot. In order to have that much to blog about, you have to have a lot of material! I think you've got us all beat in that category, hands down!

Was that dinner you were fixing for me? I'm sure if it were me, I would've swung by Little Pit!

High in Demand said...

It was for you, but after I got done cooking it you called and said that someone brought something over for you so we just ate it.

Pamelotta said...

I'm so sorry. If only I had known how much was going on in your life, had I read your blog instead of nursing my new ravenous baby, I would never have called and cancelled that meal. I would have known how much went into it and I would have gladly accepted it instead of blowing you off so coldly.

I probably thought I was doing you a favor.

Start World Hunger said...

Totally accurate! I love reading about the things that happen in your life! They are funny, suprising, sweet and encouraging! Thanks for sharing.

Cherryberry said...

Happy 300th!!!
I love you.

anniepooinclyde said...
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anniepooinclyde said...


trish said...

WonderBran? Could it, would it? Nah. I think you might have to hire a team of trained professionals to come up with a cool name for you?
To the tune of "If I only had a Brain" off the Wizard of Oz":

If you're ever in a tizzle and think you just might fizzle
Just open up your heart
Get ready little missy for the rush of all the kissies
Little Wilson's will impart
If your day is a disaster and you require a sandblaster just to clean the counter tops
Just think of all the stinkies that will wash their hands in sinkies
And pray for soaking grace
If you ever lose you way in the spirit of the day
just remember who you are
Wonderwomansuperfriendbestestmom until the end
Because you have a heart!

Okay not my best, but blessings to you and yours!

xoxoxoxo Trish

Francesca said...

Hands down, Brandi!!!!

High in Demand said...

(In my best Georgia Woman Voice)

Oh My Stars!!!!

I do have to say that I did not expect such kind words from my dearest friends!

I do declare that I will hurry up and write 300 more posts so I can get another round of your lavish praise!

Tim said...

Brandi...You are an incredible inspiration to me.
Not to add any pressure, but you could be raising a future president, or first lady, or rocket scientist, or doctor, or home maker and the list goes on and on.

Anyway, "May the Lord bless you indeed. May He enlarge your territory. May His hand be with you, and keep you from harm so that you will be free from pain." And God granted his request.