Monday, December 17, 2007

Miles' Vision

For a few months I’ve felt that the Lord was reveling to me that I needed to concentrate my prayer on Miles vision and that he would understand what he’s seeing. When that thought would come to me I would quickly dismiss it because I thought it was better to pray for his complete healing or for his brain. Well, the thought wouldn’t quit coming to me. I kept picturing me talking to Kathy about his vision and how I thought it Miles could see and understand what he was seeing then all the other development things would follow.
A week ago, before Miles’ eye surgery I talked to Kathy about what I had been thinking about. She prayed with me and told me that she would agree with me about Miles’ vision. She said something funny that I keep thinking about. I was talking about how valuable it would be for Miles to have eye sight and she said, “Yes, without vision the people parish.” All the other times I’ve heard that verse it’s been about vision as in “destiny”. It really is true about physical vision as well.
Okay, so last Monday evening we drove to Ft. Worth for Miles’ surgery the next day. We got to the hotel about 11:00. We were so tired that we went to bed almost immediately. Miles was all tucked in his big bed all by himself while Randy and I quickly fell asleep. All the sudden I was woken up by Miles letting out the most hilarious rolling laughter. He was squealing so loud I was afraid that he was going to wake up the people in the next room. He was laughing so hard that he had trouble catching his breath! I began to laugh at him laughing. After a while of his crazy behavior I finally asked Randy what time it was. He looked at the clock and told me that it was 12:41. His laughter continued. 1:00, still laughing. I ended up bring Miles in bed with me so I could settle him down. I let Randy get in the other bed so he could hopefully get some sleep. 2:00 laughing his head off still. 3:00 I had given up on sleeping at all. The t.v. was off and Miles and I just laid in bed and laughed and laughed. He was so full of joy that I couldn’t help but just lay there and laugh with him. I sang worship songs over him and just enjoyed listening to him enjoy the presence of the Lord. 4:00 came and we were both still in bed laughing. Our alarm was set for 4:30 in the morning because we had to be at the hospital at 5:30. We never did get to sleep. We just laughed the night away. This has never happened ever! Ever! He was just filled with the Holy Spirit! That’s the only thing I can say that makes any sense!
We took him to the hospital and he continued his laugh fest. He made the nurses so happy. I think he probably made their day. I don’t think they had ever seen such a happy child before surgery before. Miles was cracking them up. They kept asking us if he was always like that and I kept saying, “No way! I don’t know what’s going on with him.” This one lady said, “It looks like the Lord is talking to him. He looks like he’s talking to someone.” I’m thinking she was right.
We had to wait in the waiting room after admission while we waited on the doctor to arrive. We were sitting there with other parents and Miles was laughing so hard his face was turning colors. He was quite the spectacle. Finally, the lady next to me couldn’t stand it any more; she asked me, “What did they give him?” When I told her that he had received absolutely nothing she just looked at me with a confused look and she said, “Well, he sure is happy!”
I was enjoying him so much that I almost didn’t want to let him have surgery. I just wanted to laugh the rest of the day away with him! His eyes were still not straight so I went ahead and let him have the surgery. I had peace about it. Miles had the surgery and everything went according to plan. The doctor came to tell us that all was well and that the eyes were perfect. We waited forever for Miles to wake up after surgery. It always takes him so long to wake up from anesthesia. After being there already for 8 hours we begged them to let us leave. Everyone else had been long gone that had surgery the same time as Miles. Finally they had mercy on us and let us leave although he was still asleep. I assured them that he was playing possum. He would wake up as we left there. He always did.
Sure enough before we got to our car that kid was wide awake and LAUGHING again! The people that we passed in the hall had no idea the kid just had surgery! We got in the car and he was cracking up! We stopped for lunch and he was the loudest person in The Cracker Barrel. He was so happy which was crazy because his eyes were bleeding! People would go to talk to the happy kid in the wheelchair and then they would see his eyes dripping blood. There’s no telling what they thought. I didn’t offer any information. I was getting a kick out of the whole thing.
So, back in the car and more and more and more and more laughing! He didn’t stop all the way home. He didn’t take a nap. He just looked all around and laughed. All the sudden I said, “Randy, do you think that kid can see?” We started messing with him the car and we were amazed at what we saw! For the first time since we left the hospital for the very first time three years ago (almost to the day) Miles followed objects with his eyes and head. We were shocked! He was looking back and forth. For so long he had been keeping his head to the right. I thought it was because of muscle tightness, but I really think it was because he had a little bit of vision that way. I say this because since that day he has had full range of motion in his neck. He is constantly moving his head side to side to take in the view.
It’s a week later and Miles can see. He’s still moving his head side to side to check things out. He’s following objects sometimes. It’s not 100 percent of the time, but it’s more than he has even done before. And, yes, he’s still laughing all the time! That’s one reason that it’s taken me a week before I wrote all this. We’ve all be so entertained by him. I’ve been on a high for a week now as I’ve celebrated the wonderful gift of vision and joy in Miles!
I’m not entirely sure how well he sees. He has a follow up appointment with the eye doctor on the 5th of January. We’ll know more facts then. Right now I have to rely on what I can tell myself, and I KNOW he sees more than he ever has before. I know that the Lord is not done with him. God is doing something amazing with Miles right now. He’s so full of the Holy Spirit. He’s making sweet noises that he’s never made before. It just isn’t getting old! We were trying to watch a movie the other day and Miles kept cooing really loud with this new angelic noise. Every time he would do it we were all distracted and would say, “Awwwww, you’re so sweet Miles! We love when you talk.” Then he would answer us with a new beautiful phrase. We just kept melting over him.
So, that’s how my week has been. I’ve so overjoyed at the Lord!
Not only is he healing my son, but he’s healing my husband’s heart. He had given up on Miles’ healing. The Lord gave him a dream of Miles’ healing and it is changing Randy. It’s so beautiful to watch. The Lord is melting his heart of stone towards healing. I’m so thankful. Thankful isn’t even a good word. I actually can’t tell you the burden that takes off of me.
I’m renewed, refreshed, in love, overjoyed, thankful, excited and enjoying life. Jesus is doing things in my family that is world changing. My heart can’t stop praising him!



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Wow! That's amazing!!

JesusFreak said...

I spit out the water I was drinking when I read the part about his eyes bleeding and him laughing and people coming to look at him.

Is it okay to laugh at that part?...

Red said...

Praise God... As I read this Brandi, I cried... WOW... What wonderful things God is doing for Miles. I am so excited to see what Great things God is going to do next in his life. Mile is going to have sure a powerful testomony. I cannot wait for him to tell everyone what the Holy Spirit has shown him. I believe that he gets shown things everyday. OXOXOXOX