Monday, January 28, 2008

How much Longer?

Still at the hospital...need encouragment!

Candle For Miles

Thanks Trish. You bless Me!


anniepooinclyde said...


trish said...

Brandi, I am so sorry for you. I want so desperately for you not to be there. For you not to have to see your beautiful angel boy in that situation. But you are and he is- for now. Just love him and be his mama. I will be praying for strength and encouragement to be abundant. He will fill you. He will lift your arms. He will be your firm stance. He is your rock. He is your salvation as well as Miles. You have something special coming to you. You are loved.

Anonymous said...

Brandi, I was praying this morning and I saw a picture of miles in Jesus's hands. This is just to remind us all that he is in good hands. He is being cared for.

Anonymous said...

Brandi go to my page there is a picture of what God showed me this morning about Miles. I did not know how to send it to you... any other way


MONICA said...

We love you and your family so much. You remain in our thoughts and prayers every day.

God's Warrior Bride said...


Our prayers go out for Miles, you and your family. God strength will fall upon and keep you lifted during this time. We like you continue to stand fast for Miles complete and total healing.