Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I have a testimony! About 3 years ago a couple of dry skin bumps appeared on my leg. I didn’t think much of them at first. I would pick at them (I know it’s gross but they didn’t bleed or anything) and they would go away, but the next day they would appear back again. At first it was just a couple, but after a year it became a few more. They didn’t really bother me, but I decided that if it got worse that I would go see a dermatologist.

Well, it did get worse and I did not go to the dermatologist. Last summer it got really bad and I became self conscience of it. I don’t have insurance and that would have been expensive. Not only would the visit be expensive, but prescriptions for skin are really high. Even so, I knew I had to do something because it was spreading. There was a little above my knee and a lot under and beside my knee. It was working its way down.

I wasn’t sure what it was but Randy seemed to think it was something called planters warts. They don’t look like warts but it’s in the wart family. At Walgreens they sell an expensive kit where you can freeze them off yourself. Oh my gosh it hurt so bad! It also scared my leg and they still came back eventually. That wasn’t one of our smartest moves.

Anyway, a few months ago I began to pray for the bumps to go away. I had Randy lay hands on me and pray for me to be healed. I asked God to either heal them or provide me the money and desire to go to the dermatologist about it before it got worse.

Well, I remember praying several times about it. Then, the next thing I know…I was playing cards with my family on Sunday night and all the sudden I heard in my head, “Look at your leg.”

I looked at my leg and there wasn’t one spot on my leg! Nothing! My skin is smooth. There are no dry bumps. It hasn’t been smooth in years! The scar even looks faded. I’m not sure when it happened. It’s been recent, but I haven’t been checking on it. Anyway, it’s all gone. I keep touching my leg where the rough bumps used to be (about 20-30 of them) and thanking the Lord for healing me! Isn’t that awesome?

Also, about a month ago I woke up and my gums were swollen. It felt like I had a sinus infection or a toothache coming on. I prayed and it went away and never returned. Then last Monday I woke up with fever and chills. It was terrible. It totally felt like the flu although I didn’t dare say that word at the time. I couldn’t believe how fast and severe the sickness came on. I couldn’t hardly move. I prayed and believed that there was no way that I was going to be sick! I woke up Tuesday morning and I wasn’t sick at all! I was totally healed!

So, I wanted to share all my new healing testimonies with you! How awesome is it about my leg? I’m so thankful!


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Yeah! Sexy legs!

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thats awesome!!