Saturday, January 12, 2008

Laptop News

Praise the Lord! My laptop is in proper working order again! I cannot tell you how thankful I am for this! If you remember…months and months ago water was spilled on it and it had been banged up a bit. (Somehow) Anyway, the guy at Best Buy quoted me a price of $500-$800 to fix the dang thing. I marched right out of that place and took it some where else and that guy gave me a card for another guy. Well, that guy was no help. He just gave me a detachable keyboard and told me he would get back with me. He never did.
Then, Randy had the great idea of taking it to Doug Reid and seeing if he could help. Sure enough he contacted a company to see if he could order a new keyboard for my laptop and they said yes! I just got it back yesterday! It cost me $100 for a new keyboard. Randy put it back on for me. Also, Doug ended up having to make a little plastic piece that had been broken in there when they took it apart. Who knew he was handy like that?
Anyway, I’m so happy to have my laptop back! It’s working just as it should. Okay, can you agree with me that nothing else bad will happen to my laptop? I do not want it to be stolen from me again!
Pam, Doug could get you a new keyboard I bet! Mine was messing up in several ways. There were a few keys that didn’t work. I could make anything capitalize. Also, it would try to make itself go on to the internet like 50 times in 3 seconds. It was terrible.
That’s all gone now! It’s all in working order!!!! YAY!


High in Demand said...

Heart heart heart...Doug Reid!

Start World Hunger said...

Praise God! I aggree that your laptop is accident-proof! A hedge of protection around it.

Pamelotta said...

I hope Doug doesn't mind piddly little jobs like fixing friend's laptops because I'm definitely going to ask him about mine.

I can't update any software on this thing because it takes a password that happens to use one of the keys that's dead and it won't allow cut and paste in the password field. Itunes won't let me download any more songs until I update to the newest one and I can't update because I can't type in my dang password!

Douglas, where are you?

anniepooinclyde said...
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ericaprosser said...

I had a problem with my disc drive (spilled hot choc in it) and it would not release it's captive disc. Met a mac guy at school who fixed it an cleaned out all the cocoa in just a few hours- after I had been fretting for a month! I am so thankful I did not have to drive to Southlake to the Mac store!

MONICA said...

Doug is a pretty handy guy!! Among other things.

Glad your back in biz.