Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Miles is Home!

We are home from the hospital. Miles is doing much better, but he’s still sick. He will continue to get better. The doctor sent us home with so much medication! I was going to bore you with all their names and doses, but you wouldn’t have read them anyway. Let me say that he was sent home with 4 medications yesterday on top of his everyday 6 that he already takes. Most of the medications he has to take twice a day. Two of them he has to take three times a day. One of the antibiotics that he got yesterday smells so bad. He’s never had to take it before. When the pharmacist was mixing it he asked if I wanted him to add flavoring to it because it smelled like the sewer. Now it smells like a grape sewer.
Also, today a medical supply place brought us over a suction machine! I wish we had that before. If we did Miles wouldn’t have got so sick. He needed all that mucus sucked out. It’s gross but I’m so thankful for it. I know it will help a lot.
So, please keep praying for him. He’s still got a way to go before he is well.


Pamelotta said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're back in your world. I know things will feel a little more normal now.

Just so ya know, I would have loved reading about all of Miles' meds and doses. You know how I love your lists!

We love your family and are believing for breakthrough in EVERY area!

Start World Hunger said...

I'm so glad your home. Do you need anything? Meals for your great big family? Tequila? Anything at all? Also, does this sucker machine go through the throat or nose? If nose, then I really want one of those!

P.S. The tequila would be for you-not Miles...just wanted to clarify.

anniepooinclyde said...


Cyndi said...

Hey if you need anything I am here as well... I am so glad that Miles is home.

We are with Pamelotta.. we love your family and we are BELIEVING FOR breakthrough IN EVERY AREA!!!!!!!!!!!

High in Demand said...

Prayers and Tequila are always appreciated!

The sucker goes in the mouth and we have the nose tube on order. It's really going to be great for Miles because he can't blow his nose. I think the machine was $1000. You'll have to save up for one. :)