Sunday, January 13, 2008


I’m getting the biggest kick out of this. Our very girly girl is turning six this month. What does she want for a party? She wants a Star Wars party! She’s totally into it. My Mom has tried to change her mind but Jocie will not have it. She knows what she wants! My Mom (who always makes the birthday cakes) was trying to figure out how she could make a Princess Leia cake, but that’s not what Jocie wants! Oh No! She wants a cake with Anakin and someone else fighting on top of it. Does that crack you up? My brother was teasing my Mom today and saying that he was sure she was going to make a wedding cake for Jocie and just throw two fighting guys up on top. Today on the way to church she told Randy that he was going to be the boss at her birthday party. I don’t know what sort of party games she has planned that a boss will need to be clearly defined! I’m trying to decide what to do for invitations. I had a good Star Wars idea, but I know that if Jocie gets a bunch of Star Wars stuff as presents she’s going to be upset. She wants a Star Wars party as far as the decorations go, but I’m telling you that she’s expecting Barbie’s for a present. The whole thing has really been making me smile. I love that she’s confident to stick to the things that she likes, even though others have tried to sway her differently. Yesterday I asked her once more if she still wanted the Star Wars party. She told me, “Yes. Every time you ask me my answer will still be the same. That’s what I want.”


Aaron & Rachel said...

Maybe there is a Star Wars Barbie out there!! The best of both worlds! ;)

I do love that she loves Star Wars. It's so funny that girly girl Jocie likes something that your boys are really into.

I will make sure not to buy her any Star Wars stuff for her birthday, though!! Unless I stumble across that Princess Leia Barbie.

trish said...

Mia had a power ranger party when she turned 5. I think it was the taekwondo lesssons that made her lean that direction. It was the best party she ever had!