Monday, March 08, 2010

Kim's "Secret" Recipe


While Miles was in the hospital my new Bestie/Mentor Ruth, made sure that the rest of my family had home cooked meals! Randy was working all day, taking care of the kids all night, washing clothes and signing folders so cooking was not something he needed to be worrying about. If dinner is up to Randy it's for sure going to be PB& J or cereal. Nine days of that sort of thing just isn't good for anyone so I'm really grateful to Ruth for coordinating the meals!

While I was gone the family had: spaghetti, pizza, steak, lasagna, king ranch casserole, enchiladas, sloppy joe's, chicken spaghetti, fried chicken, homemade cookies, cherry cobbler, blonde brownies, pink cookies and the most scrumptious Turtle Cookie Bars EVER!

When Miles was in the hospital earlier in the month of Feburary a woman named Kim Starr brought over some of the most delicious Turtle Cookie Bars. Luckily for me I got to come home when there was still some left. I'm telling you they're just yummy! Kim teaches my Sunday School class. We're doing a Beth Moore series on Esther and it's so rich...just like the cookie bars! The next time I saw her I told her how much we enjoyed the dessert.
Well, when Miles was put back in the hospital she brought Randy and the kids food she brought the Turtle Cookie Bars again!
Over the weekend I was able to get all my thank you notes written, which we several! On hers I made sure to tell her that I needed the recipe! I mean I NEEDED THE RECIPE!!! I handed out my thank you cards at church yesterday and she giggled at me wanting the recipe.

Well, after my glorious Sunday afternoon nap there was a surprise sticking out of my mailbox!

Kim gave me her "secret" recipe! IT WAS FROM A BOX! I really can't believe it! It totally tastes homemade! It even looks homemade! I was so excited and disappointed to see that it was from a box! I was disappointed because in no way does it taste like it's from a box so I thought after I had the recipe I could WOW my friends with my new recipe. I was excited though because HOW EASY IS THAT???

So, no I'm not just writing about the Turtle Cookie Bars! Yes, they're amazing and you should totally try them, but more than that I wanted to say how very loved we are! We have old friends, new friends & family that show us love when our lives are upside down.

Sometimes a Triple Layer Bar with Chocolate Chips, Carmel and Walnuts is the perfect way to say, "I Love You."

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