Friday, March 05, 2010

My Purse Contents

Okay my purse is huge and it easily becomes the dumping ground for everyone around me. Also, with being at the hospital for 9 days it just gets full from the strangest things. I have MUCH better things to do, but I must tell you what all was in my purse!

Miles’ detailed master medicine list
Red sunglasses
Lip stick
Insurance cards
2 of Melody’s girl scout patches that I still need to iron on
wallet with the usual stuff
Miles’ supply paperwork
Life Saver mints
My wedding ring that needs to be sized
Packet from Hendrick admission papers
2 Baggies with Tums & Tylenol (why 2?)
My trusty calendar
Broken flower bow
Picture Jocie drew me
Day Time cold/flu relief
Pediatric Intake & Output Record (to track Miles’ pee)
Menu from Hendrick
Atom bill
Mad as a Hatter nail polish
2 CD’s of Miles VCUG to give to the Pediatric Urologist
Kids camp brochure
Broken pair of sunglasses
A bracelet that Melody’s friend Allie gave her with the name ALLIE on it
Large rubber band
Baggie with 4x4 scrapbook paper that I like to use for notes
Feminine products
Bank envelopes
Chase bill
Camp postcard
Release forms for Miles’ x-rays
2 free coupons for kids meals at Rosa’s
Dr.’s orders on how to make Miles poop
Clear coat
A full catheter set
Confirmation code for a toy boat I shipped
Price tag for my awesome “GRAFITIBLASTER” bag
Old communion cup
An inch a half long pencil
Small tube of Crest toothpaste
Packet of Lubricating jelly (I promise this is for Miles’ catheter!)
Medtronic pump template to locate the needle insertion point on Miles’ baclofen pump
99 cents
6 postal receipts
3 lip glosses
3 packs of gum (strawberry, 2 spearmint)
2 Sonic mints
5 adhesive remover wipes
7 pens (why do I have 7 pens???)

And that’s what I had in my purse!

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Rachel said...

When you do these kinds of posts, they always make me laugh!! You're awesome!!