Friday, March 04, 2011

Jocie & Melody

I overheard the cutest conversation between Jocie and Melody the other day. They were in my room brushing their hair before school. I was still laying in bed and pretending to be asleep. : )

Jocie (matter of fact) : I'm praying for Joey today because he has his TAKS test today.

Melody (matter of fact) : I'm praying for Miles.

Jocie (a little irritated) : Well, if Joey doesn't pass his TAKS test then he can't even go to the 8th grade!

Melody (a little exasperated) : WELL, if Miles doesn't get better then he can't even go to school! And he needs to go to school so he can learn more about God!

Jocie (matter of fact) : Miles already knows about God.

Melody (matter of fact) : Well, he needs to learn more about God than just people praying for him!

They were actually arguing over which brother needed more prayer that day. So cute.

Why is one girl in a t-shirt and the other in a sweater???



THEY ARE SO CUTE...........

Fiver said...

Love those baby girls ;)

Blessings this weekend,