Thursday, February 24, 2011

Precious Jocie

Last night Jocie sat down in Miles's room and wrote him a letter, but she wrote it to Miles from God's perspective. I saw her working on it and after awhile I heard her sniffling and then later crying. I didn't interrupt her. I just let her work out her emotions. When she was done she brought it to me so I could read it. No shocker here...but I cried like a baby. When she brought it to me I was in the bathroom getting Miles's pain medications pre-made for the night. After I read it she started crying so hard and told me that she was scared that Miles was going to die. I sat down (on the closed toilet) and we held each other and cried and talked for a long time. She has such a tender heart. Here's her note to Miles:

Dear Miles, I hope you get better. I've been praying for you so much. I feel very very sorry. I truly know that deep down in the bottom of you're heart you love me. I see you every day and I know how you feel. I can't stop thinking about you. I pray that you will be able to run, and jump, and walk, and talk, and tell how you feel. I will keep you safe through a fire, a tornado, a earthquake, a hurricane, and every other dangerous in you're life that may hurt you. Once again I hope you get better. You're Creator God XOXOX

Later she put the paper in our jar. It was a very special time together and I think it helped her to talk it out.



WOW IS ALL I CAN MUSTER UP AT THIS praying for your entire family

Jennifer said...

I love that you're letting her work through her emotions on this and not just giving her the automatic answer of "It's okay. Everything is going to be alright." This is such a tender subject and I love that you're letting us in.

Jamie said...

Brandi, once again, you are encouraging everyone, when we so much want to be able to encourage you. More and more lately I want to be a portion of the woman you are! God bless you and your amazing family!

Fiver said...

Out of the mouths of babes.

Just another example of your amazing kids.

Thanks for yesterday,