Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Little Shopping Today

I went to a charming little shop this morning. I asked permission I snuck around and snapped some photos of some of my favorite things in the place. 
The shop was in...

The name of the store is JACQUE MICHELLE. 

If an orange bicycle with a basket full of stuffed animals is in the window then it's pretty much a guarantee that I will like the place. 
My first sneaky photo was of this precious Owl. I heart Owls. (Not the actual Owl animal, but anything decorative or crafty in the way of Owls.) 
Also, I love these kinds of bird decorations. They've grown on me. 
This is why I wanted to start taking pictures in the first place! This picture frame is made from all sorts of old keyboard keys. Later I'm going to post this picture on Pintrest. I just love this frame. It would be fun to make and pretty easy to get a hold of old keyboards at garage sales and Goodwill...or even our storage building. know I love aprons. I like to get ideas for new designs when I see them. 
Oh my goodness I Love these hats! Someone locally makes them. They have a crazy price of $75 each. I don't love them that much! It was a perfectly overcast and cool day to purchase such a lovely hat. It makes me want to learn to knit, but I'm not really actively looking for another hobby right now. 
They had lots of unique journals. One of my very favorite things on the planet is stationery products! 
Then my last little fav. from the store is this Awesome Record Cutting Board! How adorable is this? 
Love Love Love it! 
Anyway, I just wanted to share a little Colorado shopping with you today. 
The shopkeeper was delighted clueless at my picture taking. 
I'm sure she wouldn't mind a little free advertising though. 


Elizabeth said...

Hahahaha!!! I love Owls too. You will have to see my "first" owl item I got for my birthday. It is really cute. And I love that apron. I would just do it in some black and white pattern (shocking I know). That picture frame was really a cool idea. I bet you could even make a frame like that out of some of your game pieces. Like the houses and hotels from Monopoly and maybe some pieces from some other games. Pretty cool though. I kind of want that bicycle though;-) And I like the journal with the keys on them. Anyway. Just talking to you like we were on the phone or in person since it is kinda late and you are forever away from me right now. Cant wait till you get back and we can celebrate our birthdays RIGHT!!! Whoot Whoot!! Miss you friend and love you much.

Fiver said...

glad you are having such a great time!!