Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Our New Kitchen!

Over the Labor Day weekend Randy and I with a lot of help from the kids redecorated our kitchen. While on our wonderful vacation this summer I had the idea of re-doing our kitchen using Vintage Board Games. I spent one whole evening drooling over old board games on eBay. The problem was that they were so dang expensive on there. Even if the games were cheap it was going to be around $10 to ship them. I was slightly bummed until I had the brilliant idea of checking at Goodwill for used games. I spent about a month checking out Goodwill for board games. I found plenty of them! The amazing thing was how cheap they were! It was so fun shopping for them because not one of the games were over $2. Heck, most of them weren't even a dollar. I bought one of them for only 10 cents! I also went to a garage sale and bought several for next to nothing. I'm actually going to miss buying the games because it was so exciting to buy something so cool for so cheap!

This was a super fun project. It is so cheerful in my kitchen/dining room now. It just feels happy in there. This was my idea and I did help with getting it done...However, it was my husband who deserves a lot of credit on this project! Without him (and all his awesome tools) this kitchen could have come out really cheesy. Randy worked really hard for 2 days, used his tools and a lot of work scraps to make our kitchen come out as cool as it did. That guy has such a great eye for things. He came up with some awesome ways to display things. Basically anything that looks really cool or expensive Randy thought up and made out of nothing. We love doing projects like this together. We feed off each other's creativity.

This was the first idea that Randy came up with..We bought several Trivial Pursuit games then Randy cut them up into fourths and made a tile design on the wall. This was the first thing we did in the kitchen. I knew we were onto something special after this was done! 
Randy made this awesome Clue display. He ripped down a 2x4 and stained it. It looks so good in person. I made a changeable picture frame out of a Scrabble board. I also put the Community Chest and Chance cards on shelf that I already had in there. Randy made that little box on the shelf. He made it from a Chutes and Ladders game board. I found that idea on Pinterest. Then I filled the jars with the leftover games pieces. 
I love how this Clue board came out. I love that the box is with it. 

I love this stack of shelves. I think it looks so much better in person. 
I painted this little shadow box and filled it with pieces from different games.

We bought this shelf from Salvation Army. It's a shelf and a chalkboard. Melody and I played tic-tac-toe on it. 
Jocie made this dice. It was a little wooden box. She painted it white and then I cut out the dots using the Cricket. We glued the dots on together to make it look like a dice. 
This right here is my baby! Spencer set up the game Just Like It Is Here. He put all the pieces out and had a whole idea of how the games was being played. He wanted it to look like we had just been playing. I glued everything down. While I was doing that Randy made a frame to go around it. After he was done I spent the next hour or so gluing money, community chest, chance and property cards to it. It took so long, but the results were worth it. I love it! 

This is a cheesy game I found. It's called HANGMAN. We made it where we can still change out the tiles to say different things. 
I'm not sure how these two pictures fused together. This Operation game is just like the one I had when I was a kid. 
 Here's a blurry picture of Joey as he jumped in front of my iPad...on purpose. Why does he always think this is funny? : )
 Here's the awesome Star Wars game that the boys donated to the cause. This game actually came with a VHS to play along with. 
 Above my sink I have the game Girl Talk. I had this game as a Pre-Teen. It's a truth or dare game. It's also tells your future. I kept asking Randy and the boys questions from the game. We were cracking up. Apparently Randy will be meeting the Boy of his Dreams any day now.  

This is a cute game called Head of the Class. Randy cut out part of the box and I glued it to the board. 

This Peanut Butter and Jelly game is one of our favorites in the kitchen. It came out so dang cute!
I really like how Randy mounted this game partially on the ceiling. 

I took this shadow box and filled it with all kinds of trivia cards. This was the last thing we added to the kitchen. It's right next to the UNGAME! Have you ever heard of this game? Dr. Dobson promotes this game. It's a "Game of Feelings." Our kids Love to Hate this game. 
I like these boards Randy put on the divider wall. He had to cut them down a little bit to make them fit. 

This Pin the Tail on the Donkey was something that Spencer found. We bought it for 10 cents! The box is really cool. It's called Donkey Party. 
One more last look at the kitchen from the door way. 

Fun Fun Fun! 
I love it! 
It Makes Me Happy. 


Pamelotta said...

Wow! That's all I can say! You both are so creative and I love that whatever you like, that's what you do. Have I ever seen a game kitchen? Never in my life! Do I love it? Absolutely! It's awesome! I can't wait to come over and sit at your kitchen table and then casually ask one of your kids if they have any games we could play!

The Secret Blogger said...
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Ashlee said...

I love it! Sooooo cool! As another board game lover I'm in awe. Someday when we have a rec room I may have to use some of your ideas.

Fiver said...

I'm so thrilled to be able to say to people who ask me, "why would you decorate your kitchen in fisher price toys?" that I am not alone.

I can say not only is it fun but my FRIEND's kitchen is all super cool board games so we can be nerdy AND awesomely unique together!!!

man we are lightyears beyond cool!! I can't wait to see it. I showed Jere and he said you and Brandi are just "two jiffy peas in a far-out pod!"

So glad to see your creative juices flowing again!