Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lunch Time in Boulder

This afternoon my sister-in-law and I went to lunch in Downtown Boulder at a place called Mediterranean Restaurant . The place was really nice and totally not like any place I had been to before. The "thing to do there" is to order a bunch of small appetizers and then share them with everyone on the table. Each of the appetizers were about 3 bites of something. Now, normally when I think of restaurant appetizers I think of cheese sticks or something else fried. That's not the case here. These foods were so exotic (to me) that after looking over the menu for a minute I asked if she would just pick out what to order. I felt adventurous enough to try new things,  but I also knew that I could have a turkey sandwich at home if I didn't like the food.

I put a link to the lunch menu, but this is what we shared for lunch:

  • DATILES- Bacon wrapped dates with parsley garlic sauce
  • PINCHON MORUNO- Lamb brochette, calabrain chili mustard & sliced cucumbers
  • CAPRESE- Fresh mozzarella, tomato basil
  • FALAFEL- Chickpea croquette & tahini
  • POLENTA- Crispy Polenta, Avalanche Cheese Co. Midnight Blue Cheese & sherry black pepper honey
  • PROSCIUTTO & MELON- Sliced prosciutto, shaved cantaloupe melon, aged balsamic vinegar & parmesan blend
Whew! Even my spell check doesn't know what a lot of those things are! I'm serious! I think I ate at least 30 ingredients today that I've never eaten before in my whole life!!! First of all I've never had lamb before. I really liked it. It was a little hard to get out of my head that it was lamb, but the flavor was amazing. The chickpea croquettes were delicious and curious. My favorite was the polenta. It was strange. At first bite the polenta was sweet and then it had a savory texture and flavor and then it left you with a spicy taste in your mouth. It was so delicious. 

This place had a one page front and back menu for the food, but it had a four page front and back menu for the wine and beer. I should have had a glass of wine...I'm still kicking myself over it. However, I had to drive home from Boulder so I didn't want to take any risks, but really, one glass of wine would have been fine. Dang It! I was going to put a link to the wine list, but they just have a downloadable version...I guess because it's so dang long! 

Part of me wants to tell you that the place was Uh-Maz-Ing, and part of my wants to tell you it's WEIRD. I enjoyed the environment, and of course the company. I really enjoyed trying new things without saying, "Ew, that's yucky!" The food was great, but also confusing to my mouth with all the new things going on. I would totally recommend going though. It's a gorgeous restaurant with foods that you don't get to eat everyday. Or in my case...ever. (Until today) 

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