Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Any Day, Any Minute, Any Second

I'm telling you that my son Miles is about to be healed by Jesus Christ! The Lord is getting ready to show off! He is sending as many people (medical people mostly) as He can for them to meet Miles before He does an incredible miracle in Miles' body. In the last month Miles has met about 50 new people. Some of them in the medical field some not. Today alone 4 people were in my home at different times this morning concerning Miles. 3 of those people did not know Miles 3 weeks ago. At Wal-Mart I ran into two people that know Miles because of the blind services that he gets. One of them has been into my home to sign Miles up for vision therapy. She is the coordinator for all blind services in this district which includes Lubbock. I saw her and talked to her for about 20 minutes at Wal-Mart because she wanted to know everything about Miles' progress which of today is none. She had her partner with her and she's also seen Miles before. It's incredible to watch his plan unfold before my eyes.

Miles' Physical Therapist has been talking to me for awhile about getting a nurse for Miles. I've also been firm on the fact that I don't need one. Well, a week and a half ago I caught myself looking up the number and calling Kinder Hearts which is a home health care center. Even while I was looking up the number I thought it was strange. I called her and everything moved so quickly. The lady on the phone made an appointment with me last week to come over and sign papers and explain the program with me. I didn't really plan on using the health care. I just thought maybe the Lord wanted her to meet Miles before he healed him. So, I let her come over and she brought another nurse with her. So, I was thinking...okay here's two more nurses to meet Miles. Well, we did all the paperwork and Leslie (the RN) explained that everyone gets denied the first time they apply for home nurse care but not to worry because they were just starting the process and they would work hard to get us some nurse hours. She told me that it takes 10 days before they deny the first time then she would go from there. Then she explained that if it didn't go through the next time then she had another program that she would try to get Miles in. So, needless to say I thought we would be trapped in paperwork until Miles was healed. That was not the case. Leslie called me TODAY to tell me that Miles was approved the first time with 20 hours a week! I was still in shock when she also told me that she already had a nurse set up and she wants to start TOMORROW!!!!! Part of me totally wanted to freak out about this whole thing, but I just had peace that the Lord was doing all of these things. Believe me, I have become familiar with paperwork hold up! It's nuts in the medical field. For me to sign papers last week and a nurse be coming to my home in the morning it can only be the Lord.

She will be here from 7:45 in the morning to 12:45 in the afternoon. I got to pick the hours. Last week I couldn't stand the thought of a nurse in my home everyday taking care of my child, but today the Lord has given me an excitement and a peace about the whole thing. I'm totally looking at this as a blessing. The nurse is going to be the nurse and I'm going to be the Mom. While she's here she will bathe him, feed him, stretch him, give him all his medicine, move him into different positions, be with him during his therapy sessions, play with him on the floor....and did I mention that for 5 hours a day I WON'T HAVE TO CHANGE HIS DIAPERS? It's true! She will take care of taping his cast for me. Oh my goodness...I'm excited for me, for Miles and for this precious woman that is going to be in my home 4 days a week and she will have a front row seat to see the Lord show off! She will be forever changed just like the rest of us.

So, that's what I've been doing today. I've been hanging out with medical people and knowing the whole time the higher purpose of our meeting. I feel like I'm partnered up with Jesus and we're on a secret mission to change the world. It feels great.

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carolyntrogers said...

WOW! Just read ALL your blogs-not interfering with dinner prep at all-fortunately I have a twelve year old:)
You are truly an amazing woman-I wish I had a little of your faith! I am thankful God has allowed our paths to cross-can't wait to see how God makes His miracle made known. Remember to wait-sometimes an ugly word-on the Lord-His timing is perfect and not our own- I know you know this, but sometimes it helps to see, hear, taste, feel and smell it from someone else:)
Several songs have played while reading and writing-2 were for you and both by Chris Tomlin-"Mighty is the Power of the Cross" and "Unfailing Love"-for whatever its worth.

You are beautiful!!