Thursday, August 10, 2006


OKay, in the mail today I got a letter from Miles' insurance that said that they were pleased to inform me that they have approved Miles' wheelchair. It was dated 8-2-06.

I don't know how much longer it should take now that it's approved but the "paperwork" part is done.

I believe the Lord spoke to me back in May that Miles will be totally restored before the wheelchair was delievered to my house.

My heart was pounding as I was reading the approval letter!!!!!

CONFESSION: Monday of this week I had the blinds in my living room opened and I could see cars passing. Well, I was sitting on the couch holding Miles when I saw a Medical Equipment truck driving slowly down my block. My heart stopped! I couldn't believe it! Soon I saw it turn around and drive away. I'm telling you I wish I could have a print out of the thoughts that passed through my mind during those 2 minutes. I wasn't sure if Miles was about to be healed before the guy rang the doorbell or if I had missed God. It was a whirlwind of emotions!

As I write this I wish that I could transfer what I'm feeling. I'm more excited than a kid waiting for Christmas! Even a kid that has snuck into the presents and already knows that he's getting the very present he's been begging for a year and a half to recieve! I mean, when I say fully restored I mean Miles will be running, walking, crawling, fighting, smiling, laughing, eating, pulling hair like any kid his age! What a front row seat I have to watch this miracle!

As I wait for this healing before the wheelchair I have left no Plan B.

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