Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Nurse Care & Friends

Today went so great and smooth. It was a day that was planned by the Lord and I feel closer to Him for His goodness! The nurse seems perfect for our family. Her name is Kristy. I think she will fit right in. She is the mother of small children as well so my house probably feels a lot like home to her. She took to Miles just fine and took great care of him. After she left this afternoon Miles was all clean and fed so I just got to snuggle him up and kiss him all over. It was so nice. I explained to Miles why I shared him today and he didn't seem to mind a bit.

Another great thing is that my two wonderful friends Krissy and Rachel came over this morning and we laughed the morning away. It was so great. It took all the emotion out of having a nurse in my home. I felt so refreshed by having them in my home. We sat around drinking coffee and sitting on our bottoms all morning long. It was unusal and wonderful. We were an encouragment to each other and acted like silly girls. I just know the Lord set up the whole thing and I feel so thankful to Him for how personal and amazing He is. There really is no other God like our Jesus!

Of course the nurse probably thinks I don't do anything all day...tomorrow she gets a real dose of the Wilson house, but I will treasure this day in my heart. It was a real blessing to me today.

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carolyntrogers said...

What a special time for you. Our Father loves us so much-He lets us have "sit on our bottom" moments. And, I believe He cherishes our tears AND our laughter!!!
I think He loves it so much that I have shared the "turtle story" several times:)