Friday, August 11, 2006

Shopping Day

I guess I was feeling brave again today because I took Miles and Melody to H-E-B and Dillard's with me. Two funny things happened while I was gone.

Funny thing #1
At Dillard's there's this lady that always waits on me. She's so nice. Overly nice really. She calls everyone "shoog" and "hun". I really like her. Well, today when she was cashing me out she was trying to help me in any was she could. I had the wagon which is not Dillard's friendly. I had a huge Dillard's bag, the diaper bag, my purse, I was holding Miles because he had started crying, Melody was hopping around so she asked me if she could do anything to help. I couldn't think of anything that she could do so she asked if she could zip the diaper bag-No. She asked if she could zip my purse-No. So, she watched as I piled the wagon high with all the bags and started to wheel away. She came around the counter and gave Melody a big hug and kissed her on the top of the head then said, "You be a good girl today and help your Mommy". Melody, who hardly talks to anyone outside of the home says with a big grin, "You don't say dat! Me not doing dat!". I was shocked and very tickled at the whole thing. I couldn't believe she said that. It was so uncharacteristic for her to do that.

Funny thing #2
As I have mentioned people stare at Miles in the wagon when I go places but they have not dared to ask me what happened to him. Even the nice Dillard's lady who I could tell was concerned about Miles and I didn't ask. She just looked at him sadly. This was Not the case at H-E-B today. Who would have guessed but the men at H-E-B were heart broken about Miles this morning! They were all stopping me and asking me what happened to Miles. There were no women at all that asked but there were plenty of men that did! They were falling over themselves to do nice things for Miles this morning. This one tattooed worker who had just cut himself and was looking for a band-aid stopped me and asked me what in the world happened to him. I told him that his hip was dislocated so he had to have surgery. The man had such a sad look on his face then he asked me how old Miles was. I told him a year and a half and he got a little choked up and said, "I have a year and a half son at home." Then he ran over and got a balloon and tried to hand it to Miles. He didn't take it from the man of course so I just told the man he was doped up at the moment. I couldn't break the guy's heart any further. Then, another man worker heard us talking and came over and gave Miles a ton of "H-E-B Buddy Bucks" which are gold to my kids. Little Melody was standing by me like, "Hey, where's my stuff". The guys ended up giving her some stuff too. Anyway, the whole thing was so funny! Even on the way in an older man stopped me to ask about Miles. He acted a lot like Jim Becker. I made sure and gave him the right answer so he didn't try to beat me up.

So now I'm curious. I'm going to keep taking note on how many women verses men ask me about Miles during these cast days. I know the women want to know. They stare at him in the wagon and as they pass I can see them talking to who ever they are with about it. Men, they don't over think how I might feel answering the same question all day long. (I don't care by the way.) They see a kid with two casts on being toted in a wagon and they want to know what's going on. I know there is a lesson to be found here. I will keep you updated on my findings.

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