Monday, September 11, 2006


Oh my goodness Miles stinks! He has a sponge bath every day but it doesn't help on the odor! Starting last Wednesday which was 3 weeks and one day after he had his cast put on he started smelling. The smell is definitly a sweat and urine mixture. It's so yucky and over powering! Yesterday at church Randy asked me if I thought Miles had a dirty diaper. I leaned over to smell him and I said, "No, it's his cast." Well, I thought for a minute and decided there was no way just his cast could be that stinky so Randy took him out of the service to see if he had a dirty diaper. He quickly returned and it was just his cast that smelled. I held him all during church and I left there so nauseated! Last night I was holding him and my stomach hurt from the smell!

I've been telling people that he stinks and here's the suggestions that I've received. Someone said that I should sprinkle baking soda down the cast to absorb the odor. That wouldn't work because the powder gets cakey. Then someone said FaBreeze. I thought that might work, but I didn't want to spray it on his skin. I thought it might irritate it. Then, someone said, "Why don't you spray him with feminine spray?" You know Summer's Eve stuff? Randy said, "Well, it is for sensitive skin!". :) So, last night we all went to Wal-Mart and shopped for feminine spray. We didn't have anything else to buy there so all seven of us were staring at the feminine product incap. Randy couldn't take it so he sent all the kids to look at the Band-Aids while we figured out what in the world to buy.

I told Randy that I didn't want to get a scent that smells like a woman. He thought we should find a manly smell, but believe it or not that they don't sell manly feminine spray! They had scents like Tropical Rain Forrest, Baby Powder and something floral. Randy sprayed the floral and I had to put my foot down! I did not want my son smelling like a panty liner! Then we found a scent that was called "SUPER ULTRA". We laughed so hard! That was the smell! SUPER ULTRA! We thought about the woman that would buy such a product! It had to be a serious problem if only the scent SUPER ULTRA would work. We smelled SUPER ULTRA then sprayed some on his cast. We decided this was the scent for us! It actually worked!

So we went through the self check out. I was not about to go through a line with five children at 8:30 on a Sunday night only buying SUPER ULTRA feminine spray! As we were walking to our car we saw two college age friends of ours going inside. Both Boys. Randy went to go chase them down and before he went through the door he threw the bag of spray at me. I picked it up and the whole time we were talking to the guys I was hiding the spray behind my back! I didn't want to get into the reasons we were buying SUPER ULTRA feminine spray.

When we got home Randy was changing Miles and Spencer went over to take a big whiff of Miles cast. He started making gagging noises and yelling about how bad Miles smelled. After Randy sprayed Miles all over I told Spencer to go smell him again. "Much Better" he said. It really does work!

This morning before I went into the grocery store the nurse Christy called me to ask me a couple of things. While I had her on the phone I told her why that feminine spray was in there and she said, "I figured that's why it was in here. I wasn't going to ask".

So, if you have SUPER ULTRA odor problems of any kind...Summer's Eve feminine spray for $2.86 will do you nicely.


carolyntrogers said...

Well, if that's not comic relief, I don't know what is!!!
How hysterical- my kids are all asking me what's so funny?! Do I tell them feminine spray?! I think not- it loses something in the re- telling!!
You crack me up girl!!!!
Aren't you glad God gives us something to laugh at when we've had "yesterday's"?
Read 1 Peter1:6&7-note: it's only for a LITTLE WHILE!
God's timing is not ours-it's gonna be so awesome when He heals that boy and we all go-"that's why He waited" we'll be able to see His grander scheme. Maybe it's for Christy, or the huggy lady in the waiting room, or someone not in your life yet-keep watching and waiting. And when you get really down, read this blog again :) Love Ya!

Bloomin' Cactus said...

That's exactly what we were talking about Friday night!!! That's hilarious!! Glad you found something that would work and I'm glad he doesn't smell like a pantyliner!! =)

JesusFreak said...

thanks for telling me about SUPER ULTRA. i have been needing some of that there stuff!

Tangerine Tinselbreeze said...

From one HIGHINDEMAND MAMA to another- I just want to encourage you. You are amazing- you are full of GRACE. You are beautiful. God's Miracle is Perfection- HIS perfection. I am waiting with you. You are not alone. Silently, secretly many of us are holding your hands up as you might be weary in anticipation of the expected transformation of Miles. We are gathering troops to hold us as we hold you. The time is approaching. My faith is increasing- pray for the faith of others to release Miles from the captivity of the limitations they have placed on God. Miles is a Man of God. His blessing is the blessing you birthed him to receive. Our eyes cannot know until the time is here the beauty of the encounter with the Miracle. He gave me mine- I know he will give you yours.

Bkone said...

Thanks for the tip. My son has only been in his spica cast for a week and I am dreading the smell getting worse then it already is. I will be getting the super ultra!