Friday, September 29, 2006

I would like to CAST you into the sea!

Here's something the doctors didn't tell us...

Right now Randy is in the other room with Miles cutting part of his cast off. When we came back from Ft. Worth on Tuesday we realized that the cast was a little too snug. It's been a lot harder to change his diaper with this new cast. It's so close to his bottom that Randy's fingers are a little too big to tuck Miles diaper in correctly. It's even hard for me. There's just no room in there.

Well, every time I picked Miles up today he started to cry. This never happens! I could tell he was hurting. This evening we had plans to eat dinner with our nephew and niece at Texas Roadhouse. When we got Miles ready we saw that he had a sore on his bottom where his tail bone has been rubbing on the cast. It looked sore but we couldn't do anything at the time. We went to the RH and Miles was so cranky. He just kept crying and crying. Randy and I took turns the entire time standing outside with him. Let me tell you...Cast Boy is heavy! My back is hurting so bad right now!

On the way home we called a friend and asked him if he had any tin snips. He did so we picked them up and Randy just did surgery on the cast! He cut a big portion off his back and now he's putting fresh waterproof tape all around. When he cut the cast we were able to tell how bad the sore was. If we had waited another day Miles could have been in some serious pain! I feel terrible about it. I'm so glad that Randy was able to fix it! I wouldn't have let anyone else near Miles with that tool! Man, I'm glad Randy has skills!

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Bloomin' Cactus said...

Never thought the handling of tin snips would come in handy as a parent!! That sure wasn't in the manual! I am glad you guys figured out what was wrong and were able to fix it!! And, I'm glad Randy is handy with tin snips!!