Friday, October 27, 2006

Chef T.V.

The other day I was in the waiting room waiting for Miles to get his cast off and I saw a cooking show. The chef was a man and the taste tester was a man. I began to wonder...Why is it that chefs in general and chef's on T.V. are mainly men since on the whole men don't cook?

I asked Randy what he thought. Is it that the men who decide they like to cook have to be the very best at cooking so they become chefs and then get their own show or restaurant?

Here's Randy's take on the man chef: He thinks that T.V. chefs are male because women don't like to learn from other women. He thinks that a woman might take the cooking advice from a man quicker than they would from a woman because it's less threatening. He thinks that women might not like to be out cooked by another woman.

Very interesting I say.

It might be that there are women chefs all over, but they decide not to have their own show because they don't want the additional weight that T.V. adds to their appearance plus the additional weight that all white clothing adds to their appearance.

What do you think?

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Pamelotta said...

Plus all the weight that cooking adds to a person!!!