Thursday, October 19, 2006

October Medical Report

Here's is Miles' Medical Calendar for the Month:

Vision Therapy 5 times this month.
Occupational Therapy 5 times this month.
Physical Therapy 4 times this month.
Nurse care for 100 hours.

4th He had to go see Dr. Wiley because he started having seizures.

11th Christy the nurse took Miles to the doctor because we thought he might have an ear infection. He had been throwing fits, and was not acting himself. The doctor checked him and he did not have an ear infection, but the doctor saw him throw one of the fits and got worried and ordered a bunch of tests for Miles. I got a baby sitter and then had to take Miles back to the doctor for Blood Work that they tried 3 times to get until I finally had to make them quit and use what they got. They did a urine test, and a complete bone scan on Miles. This means that they X-Rayed every bone in his body! This was one of the most terrible medical days of the entire 2 years for me. I hated every minute of it. All tests came back normal.

13th I had to call Miles' insurance to get them to send us money for Miles upcoming Ft. Worth trip.

16th Miles had an EEG test done. This was to measure seizure activity. His head was hooked up to about 30 electrodes and then plugged in to measure brain activity. He laid in a dark room on a queen size bed for about an hour with strobe lights in his face to try to trigger a seizure.

18th We got the EEG test results back that informed us that Miles is having low level seizures all the time. Also on this day he had a seizure so bad that he cried and cried without being able to be consoled. Jocie was so upset about the whole thing. She held on to my leg and cried because Miles was crying so hard. It was terrible. Also, on this day Christy and I decided that it was time for Miles to start Pediasure. He throws up his milk all the time so we need to get him on a product that doesn't have milk in it. The doctor was called to get orders for the Pediasure.

19th I had to call to make sure that Miles' brace will be at the appointment next week when the cast comes off. I don't know why I had to call, but they asked me to do it. Also, I had to make arrangements for his ABC coordinator to come for another visit so he can continue to get therapy services in our home.

23rd Miles will be going to Ft. Worth to GET HIS CAST OFF!!!!! He will also be getting his new brace on. We will drive up there early in the morning and come back that day.

24th Miles will have an appointment with the ABC coordinator and also see a dietician.

25th I have to call again for transportation money for another trip to Ft. Worth.

30th Back to Ft. Worth for him to see his neurologist. We're going to see if he will increase Miles' muscle tone medication. He's been getting even tighter in his muscles and we need to do something. Always before he's had full range of motion with stretching but it's getting hard to move his arms, and we don't want them to get stuck in place.

That's 21 appointments for the month!

So, that's Miles' October Medical Report...that's also the reason that I want a weekend alone with my husband!

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