Saturday, March 31, 2007

April Newsletter

In the book of Psalms you can find praises to God, prayers, cries for help, inspiring thankfulness, and many other things. One of those other things you can find in there are Imprecatory Psalms. These psalms are psalms of lament. David wrote an imprecatory psalm that can be found in Psalm 109. Here David talks to God about how bad his enemies are. David curses them before the Lord. He asked God to deliver him from all his enemies. If I were writing a Psalm of lament it would look more like this:

Brandi 109…page 696
O God, creator of heaven and earth, do not turn a deaf ear in my time of stress.
All around me are the remains of rubbish left from our five children running around my house. Their fingerprints can be traced everywhere.
Do not let daily chores mock me any longer. Do not allow them to taunt me with their stench.
I clean them, but they still haunt me. I shake my Swiffer Wet Jet at them, but my enemies only laugh louder.
O God, send Mr. Clean to reek havoc on this home. Let him condemn the dust bunnies to utter darkness.
May he have no mercy on the thirty loads of laundry waiting to be hung. Overpower that laundry as it has overpowered me.
For it has refused to relinquish the formula throw up stains. It delights in wrinkling, and it has vowed to become dirty again next week.
Deal firmly with my dirty dishes for they delight when I run out of JOY. Show them who’s boss with a new S.O.S. pad.
Help me O Sovereign Lord for my knees are weak from scrubbing boy pee off the bathroom floor. I am an object of mockery to my Mother-in-Law.
You stand beside the needy. You are ready to save them from tormenting chores.
Let them curse me if they like; let the kids hide the toilet scrubber again. But, I, your homemaking servant will continue to worship.

Of course that’s all just silliness, but does God really care about the day to day things in life? I believe so. Does he give rest to the overscheduled soccer mom? Will he strengthen the husband who is working over time? Does he enjoy giving supernatural wisdom to a weary college student? Would he go out of his way to bring beauty to a homebound older woman? Does he delight in showing the unexpected to a child during a long car ride? I say Yes.
The psalms are a great example of how God desires to hear from us during all kinds of seasons in our life. God doesn’t get bored of the boring. He doesn’t get tired of hearing your thankfulness. He doesn’t get offended at your laments. How do I know this? What was it said about David, the writer of Psalms? Oh yes, “David was a man after God’s own heart.” The Lord delights in being in relationship with us. Go ahead, talk to him. He likes it.


mccobbey said...

That's awesome! LOL!

JesusFreak said...

I have to admit that I always look for your article and read it first in the newsletter, then I go to the Last Word (which was not there last time), then I skip on over to the information pages, then I settle in for the deep readings. So, just in case you REALLY needed to know my reading schedule, there you go!

See ya tonight at Melly's bday party!

High in Demand said...

You are very sweet Jennifer! Thank you for the encouragment. This one was one of my favorites. I loved how Erica made it look. Fancy!