Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Can you find yourself?

Isn't this picture amazing?
Holli gave me a wonderful scrapbook for Christmas with several pages already done. One of the pages had this picture in it. I love it so much! The only thing I remember about that day is that one lady in the picture that I don't know...her daughter got her head stuck in the bars at the hyena cage. funny.

Anyway, several of you are in the picture so I thought you would enjoy the blast from the past.

I love Holli so much! I miss her being so close. She came over Sunday on the way to San Antonio. I will have to post a picture soon of all our kids together. Her kids are really growing up. They are so sweet natured. I love being around them. Anyway, we had a great time. She always asks about several of you. (I make stuff up). Just kidding. Enjoy the picture.


Pamelotta said...

Wow. I can't believe how much our kids have grown. I remember John being that little, but I swear everyone else's were never that little!!! I just can't believe I knew you guys when your kids were that small. It just goes by so fast. The girl you don't know is a friend of mine - Kelly Naizer. She lives in New Braunfels now. Her kids are Kenna and Reid. Big scrapbooker and homeschooler. She was a lot of fun. I don't remember the head stuck in the hayena cage.

Bloomin' Cactus said...

I don't remember that day at all!! I'm obviously there, but I don't remember it. That's just crazy -- how much our kids have grown and that I don't remember it.

A life I live... said...

I didn't have kids then...so I didn't get to go, but if I was there, I would have totally been behind the camera taking the picture!!! he he

Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

I would have been way skinnier then. Maybe I will be way skinnier by the time I end up in one of those pictures- but if we don't do that soon my kids will all be too old, oh well, there are always nieces and fertile friends.