Thursday, March 29, 2007

Date Update

Sorry the update has taken so long. It's been so very very busy here at the Wilson home. (That's why we needed the date in the first place.)

Let me tell you that it was the perfect date! Thank you both Cherith and Jennifer! I took your advice! It was just what we needed. Usually our dates are filled and packed with things we can do without kids. We usually eat at a places without ball pits, and then we go to see movies that don't involve talking pigs or we shop for things that don't come in primary colors. I enjoy doing those usual things, but it was so nice to go on a date and not do them this time.

Before Randy got home I snuck some blankets and pillows in the back of the Suburban. When we left we drove over to my favorite bakery and when we got there I told him that I would pick him out a dessert and then he could pick me out one. It was so nice to see that we both picked out the perfect one for each other. Even that simple sugary thing made the night more perfect. Then we stopped at a chicken drive through and picked up something from the window. We were laughing because as we were getting closer the chicken place Randy said, "Oh, you're taking me to Church's Chicken. How nice." He was being sarcastic, but when he found out that I really was taking him there we had a good laugh.
So, we got our food and we went to the park on Ambler. Thank you Jennifer! It was the perfect place. We ate our food at the picnic table. It was yummy and relaxing. Then I went to the car and I grabbed our blankets and pillows. When Randy saw the pillows he fell in love with me all over again. He's been working so hard with Aaron this week that he's been really tired. I carried the blankets and pillows to one secluded area with plush grass and laid the blankets out. I couldn't have picked a more perfect spot! We laid down and the whole world felt perfect. The air was so fresh, the nature noises were enchanting, the temperature was perfect, the grass was comfortable. We talked for a little while and we actually got to see the sun set behind some trees. Randy dozed off and had a wonderful nap. I had taken along some playing cards, but he just wanted to rest. I wish I had taken a book, but I wasn't bored. I just laid down and enjoyed being outside. I was overwhelmingly thankful for how peaceful everything was going.
We had a good rest there until the mosquitoes decided it was dinner time. We packed up our blankets and went to the car. I had planned for us to go to the coffee shop after that, but neither of us wanted any coffee so we decided to go play Putt Putt instead. I had not played Putt Putt in years until just the other night on my date with Becky. We laughed a lot there.
When we left we stopped by the movie store before going home, and rented a fantastic movie. It's called A Good Year. I totally recommend seeing it! We both loved it.

Anyway, the whole evening was perfect! I loved everything about it.


Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

I just want to cry. I think I will do something fun like that soon. But first, the marriage conference this weekend. Maybe one night we should all exchange fun couple or friendship date ideas and that BE our seminar.

Ashlee said...

Glad y'all had such a nice night. We had a date night last night and we did the dinner/movie thing (we saw 300) We ate a really awesome authentic Italian place. We may have to try the park thing once it warms back up again (it was nice for a couple of days but now its cold again!)