Thursday, March 01, 2007

Weight Loss

Today was my annual “womanly” appointment. Don’t worry guys….I’m not talking about girly stuff on this post!

We all know how that’s a dreaded appointment. I don’t have to elaborate on the details.

What I really wanted to talk to Dr. Ward about during the appointment was how I’ve been working on loosing weight for 3 months now without a lot of results. (As you will be able to tell on the upcoming weigh in.) He started talking to me about weight loss and then he asked me how tall I was. I told him. Then he asked me how much I weighed. I told him. When I said how much I weighed his eyes got huge and said, “WHOA!”
I’M NOT KIDDING! It’s every woman’s worse nightmare! Strangely, he was so animated that I didn’t get offended. I was surprised at his response, but I just thought, “Yeah, that’s my thoughts too!” Thank the Lord that I have a good attitude! You know, I’m sitting there without my clothes…just a sheet draped over me when I told him how much I weighed. What? Did he think the minute before that I weighed 120?
So, I endured the offensive reaction to gain some great wisdom from him. He asked me how I put on all the weight and I said, “Well, I have some self control issues, and a lot of stress with Miles.” Once I said that I had some self control issues his whole attitude changed towards me. Since I took responsibility for my actions he totally wanted to help me! He was talking to me about how a lot of women talk to him about weight issues, but they seem shocked and confused about how the weight got upon their bodies. He said, “Calories don’t attack anyone in their sleep!”
He was so encouraging to me! He kept telling me how I can handle a lot, and that I have what it takes to loose the weight. He talked about how I’m a great Mom to have 5 children and manage them, Miles, and with my husband owning his own business. He said that he wants to help me. He gave me a prescription to help give me energy and curb my appetite. I’m saying this because I didn’t want to sneak around anyone’s back. I feel really good about it. I have so much to loose. I really do need the help. I feel so discouraged at how much weight I have to loose. I think taking the medicine will help me get a good start. Also, he put me on a 1,200 calorie diet. WOW. I’ve never counted calories before, but 1,200 doesn’t seem like a lot.
I will see him monthly. He told me, “I know you can do this, and I will tell you now…I don’t like failure.” I told him that I didn’t either so I think we will make a good team.
I was really intimated about talking to him about these things today, but it worked out so well. I hope I’m not disappointing any of you by taking medication to help with my weight loss, but I have a long way to go so I need some help. Even while taking the medication I have to eat right or it won’t help. So, I still have to use self control. It will just help me.
I’m excited. Dr. Ward is an OB doctor, but he’s also my regular physician. He was excited about helping me loose weight. I think I’m going to be his pet project. He probably gets bored with the pregnant ladies all day. He has always called me his frequent customer (Five kids remember). I think that’s why he’s happy to help me loose this weight.
Anyway, be happy for me.


Monica said...

Go for it Brandi! I have been working out pretty consitently for over a month, eating better, but the scale is not moving. Remember our "contest" is just for motivation and reward, but we all want each other to suceed above anything else. I'm glad you found such a good partner in your doctor!

Carolyn said...

Way cool-the devil is a liar!
In no way is this "cheating"-God knew what you needed and He sent you to a doctor that knows how to help you!! He's so good!

Ashlee said...

How wonderful that he was so supportive!! I hope you have much success!!


ericaprosser said...

Dr Ward has been my 'personal' doc too. I haven't been in a while (was trying to remember this week how long) but I have always really liked him. Weight loss is weight loss. "get the HOW outta here!"

mccobbey said...

That's great you have such an encouraging doctor!

Remember Brandi, you're a winner! You can do it again!! :)

Brenda M Becker said...

Brandi, my sweet, I do believe if there was a poster child for good attitudes YOU would be the girl. Your attitudes and reactions always refresh me.