Saturday, March 31, 2007

My nose will soon be adorned with some Bling.

I'm very excited about the upcoming nose piercing event!

I think I will want to go either this Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. I will have house guests from in about an hour to Tuesday sometime. I guess who ever wants to come can. I can't pick. I guess if you have some work to get done at the Tattoo place we can make a date of it. How funny is that? I'll let you know when I decide on a time.

Ashlee...I was shocked to hear you say that you are interested in a nose ring as well! The price is $35.

I watched several videos on YouTube of people getting their nose pierced. I can totally do it. I mean come on...I've had five children. I can deal with a little needle. I'm so very excited! It's going to be so cute!

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