Sunday, October 07, 2007

Here’s some comic relief:

Jocie: Spencer you’re having bad manors! Your elbows are on the table!

Spencer: It’s not like if I have my elbows on the table that there will be an alien invasion to come and take us all away and vaporize us!

Jocie: Yea Right!

p.s. I’m doing better.


Start World Hunger said...

You're kids are hilarious! You should write a book of funny sayings (by your kids and others). I'd buy it.

JesusFreak said...

Spencer is so hilarious! Jocie is so correct. Wonder where she gets that from...

Cherryberry said...

I love you so much Brandi.
I am glad your days are much better than Friday.
I can't even begin to imagine how you feel, only that I feel for you and am so glad we have Father who allows us to feel the pains and realize He has a perfect plan.
We really had a blast at Miles' birthday party and I know he did.
I love you