Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's Like The Best Thing Ever

For My Boys Anyway...
This week my boys were blessed beyond what I can describe to you! Last Saturday I was doing laundry when Joey ran to me telling me that I HAD to see something on ebay. A Star Wars collector was having to get rid of his stuff to make room for an addition to his family. The auction was on the front page of ebay. Joey was so excited about it! He asked me if he could bid $10 on it. No one had bid on it yet and the auction still had several days left. Joey and Spencer have been saving up all their money to buy a R2-D2 robot they found at Books a Million. We haven't been letting them spend their money on anything else since they're saving up, but this auction was just too awesome to not let them bid. Especially since just that morning at breakfast I was talking about how much I would like to finally decorate their room in...guess what? Star Wars!
So, I let them bid $10 with a limit of $30. Of course I knew that was a ridiculous bid for such a gigantic amount of stuff, but it was what they boys had. All day I kept getting this feeling in me that just longed for the Lord to help my boys get that stuff. Normally I wouldn't put too much stock in such a thing, but I just wanted my boys to be blessed extravagantly.
The day before the auction ended Joey's $10 still was the only bid. The day of the auction another bidder over bid him. I ended up pitching in another $50 and they won the whole thing!
I know it might sound silly, but it meant as much, possibly even more to me than it did to the boys. TO me it felt like the Lord was showing me that he cares about the things we care about. Even though that stuff should have sold for a lot more he still blessed us. You should have seen Joey, Spencer and I on Tuesday night. We were refreshing the ebay page every thirty seconds. We were creaming and dancing around and praising the Lord when we won. They've been drooling over these pictures for days! They've got such great plans for their room. I think Randy's going to have to make them a really cool shelf to hold all of the figures.
There's no way that Joey and Spencer should have been able to buy all this with $80. They are blessed indeed!
The seller is going to get me a UPS quote tonight and will come to our home! Can you imagine what that will like for Joey and Spencer? It's going to be THREE boxes weighing 83 pounds in all!
You might want to send them a congratulations comment. They're telling anyone who will listen long enough!


Cherryberry said...

How totally awsome. Joey and Spencer, I can't believe you didn't tell me about it last night. Joey,You were so excited about your new book for your report, I guess you did not think about it going on then.. I can't wait to hear all the details from you next time I see you. Congrats!!!

Aaron & Rachel said...

I am so excited for them!! I was also hitting refresh over and over!! I'm so excited for them!! Can I request to be there when they open all those boxes?!?!?! ;)

mccobbey said...

That totally ROCKS DA' BOAT, BROTHA'!

Ashlee said...

Congratulations Joey and Spencer!! That is super cool!! I hope your Mom takes some pictures when it arrives and puts them up on here (hint, hint)

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness. I wish I would have remembered that they love Star Wars so much! When Cherry and I had that garage sell, I sold a big box of stuff for $20. I could of just given it to the boys. And my Mom had the little dome robot thing that was about as tall as Alexis that was used in a store to hold ice and drinks. I'm super happy the boys did get all that cool stuff though!