Friday, October 12, 2007


I didn’t save the world today. I didn’t sell all my possessions and give the money to the poor. I didn’t stand out on the streets and talk about Jesus to everyone that passed by.

I did sacrifice my nap today though.

Yesterday was a busy day for me. Miles had an appointment in Ft. Worth so we took him there. He had Botox shots again. That trip in one day usually makes me tired the next day. We got home late, and I had to get up early.

I went to work, came home fixed us lunch and then was very excited to take a nap with Mella. I laid Miles down for a nap. I set my alarm to wake up in time to pick up the boys.

As I was getting my bed ready for Melody and I the phone rang. It was a woman calling me as a personal reference for Joanne. I talked to her for awhile and I think I was helpful to Joanne. Although, she could have told me that her real name is Kimberly! That threw me off.

Then I laid down and was just drifting off to sleep when the doorbell rang.

I got up and it was Randy’s niece. She needed diapers for her daughter. Miles gets his diapers sent to us for free and I always have several packages left over. I give them to our niece. She’s a single mom and she doesn’t have a lot of extra money. The diapers help her out a lot. We had 3 packages of extra wipes, 4 packages of diapers and lotion for her today. She was thrilled. I was happy to give them to her.

After she left I quickly got back in bed with Melody who was already fast asleep. I dozed off quickly and soon was interrupted by the doorbell again. I had no idea who it could be. When I got there it was Angela, the girl that cleans our house. She wanted me to laminate several copies of an obituary for her friend’s family. She came in while I laminated them for her, talked for awhile then she left.

After she was gone I looked at the clock and decided it was too late to get that nap. Instead of feeling upset or really tired, I actually felt refreshed. I was pleased that I had unexpected guests that needed help and that I was able to help them.

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Ashlee said...

Its funny how that works sometimes isnt it? Sometimes when I nap with the girls I just feel more tired afterwards while the times when I get stuff accomplished I actually feel a bit of a pick me up.... Way to have a great attitude though, sometimes nap time really does beckon...