Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hats Off To Me!

Today at the kid’s school it was “Crazy Hat Day.” I guess that was fitting because I wore a lot of hats myself today.

I began the day with my Mommy hat on as I got four of our children off to school. They had their folders signed, their lunch boxes in their back packs and all their hair was brushed.

Then I put on my Nursing hat as I began to properly take care of Miles. I administered all of his medication. I put on his braces. I gave him his breathing treatments. I also did several other “Nurse/Mommy” things for him.

After that I put on my “Soon to be Student” hat and went to Hardin Simmons. Miles and I went up and down and up and down the elevator as we talked to several people about me getting back to school in the fall. That went well.

When I left there I put on my “I sign up for too many things Mommy hat” as I rushed into the store to buy Friday desserts for half the kid’s school. Miles and I went into the store, I picked out the snacks and we ran back to the car so we would be on time for lunch at the school. Then we took the snacks into school, arranged them, and picked up Melody from Pre-K.

After I dropped off Miles and Melody at home with Shirley I put on my Business Woman hat as I ate lunch with my business partner husband. We discussed both of our future business plans.

Next came my Janitor hat. I cleaned out, vacuumed and washed our Suburban. Then I went to the kid’s school because on Friday’s I’ve started mopping the cafeteria, cleaning the bathrooms, mopping the bathrooms, taking out the trash and then putting the chairs back down on the floor. That is a workout!

Then I threw the Mommy hat back on as I brought home our kids from school…plus one friend. When we got home I made them a snack for after school.

Now I’ve got my Future Author hat on as I try to be creative.

Next up is my Professional Shopper hat. I’m about to go grocery shopping for our family of seven. I will do it with precision and stick to the budget.

When I come home I will throw on the Cook hat to make dinner.

After that I will put on my Leadership hat while I go to a meeting tonight at church.

Then after the kids go to bed I will put on my Special Hat…well, I don’t think I’ll give any details about that one.

Hats Off To Me!


Cyndi said...

you are so creative in how you put things i so enjoy reading your blogs... :)

anniepooinclyde said...


Pamelotta said...

I second that, Anne!

Now these are the posts I love!!!

Start World Hunger said...

special hat, huh?