Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rough Week

It’s been a rough week for Miles. He was at the hospital for several days, he got a yucky cold there so I’ve been suctioning him every five minutes since we’ve got home and today…

Okay, really, it was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen in my whole life! Me and the kids were outside getting in the car to go shopping and to go to the library this afternoon. Miles was in his wheelchair and Spencer had wheeled him to the back of the Suburban while I was locking the door. I saw the accident happen, but I can’t really say how it happened. I don’t know if Spencer tripped a little or if he just turned Miles the wrong way, but I saw Miles’ wheelchair fall to the side and Miles fall out of it onto the concrete. I threw my stuff down and ran to Miles. When I got to him he wasn’t moving at all! He wasn’t making any sound at all!

I tried to pick him up but the wheelchair had pinned his arm down. I lifted the wheelchair off of him and then picked him up. He started sobbing! He cried a terrible cry that I’ve never heard before. We were all just mortified! I took him to the porch to check him out and he had a scrape above his eye that was bleeding a little bit. He was crying so hard that I took him inside so I could just hold him and love on him. Spencer kept saying, “I’m sorry Miles. I’m sorry Miles.” I told him that Miles would be fine, and that I’m positive that Miles’ forgave him. Joey and I had tears in our eyes. We all prayed for Miles to be okay. Joey started to lay his hands on Miles’ head, but he didn’t want to hurt him he said.

After awhile Miles calmed down. The poor guy. He’s never been hurt like this before. Ya know, we had decided when we started using the wheelchair that the kids could push him and play with him. We decided that he’s a toddler and that toddlers get hurt sometimes. We don’t want Miles to be a sterile child where no one can touch him. What kind of life would that be? Well, until now it’s never been a problem. He’s never been hurt like this. He’s rounded a corner or two too fast, but never got hurt. As terrible as it was to see Miles like that I have to say that we will still let the kids push him. Spencer really wasn’t doing anything wrong. It was kind of a freak thing. Something great that I'm really proud of is that I didn't yell at Spencer. I was very calm throughout the whole thing. I would have felt even worse if I had taken out my emotions of Spencer. I know he never would have done anything like that on purpose! I'm so thankful that didn't scream and make things worse!

Anyway, I felt physically sick for about an hour afterwards. Seeing Miles is pain like that really hurt me. He’s the sweetest little boy I know, and I felt terrible that he got hurt.

I was shopping at Hobby Lobby and I caught myself avoiding people down the aisles. I mean, what does it look like when you’re little wheelchair boy had a black eye? That seems wrong! Poor little boy!

As hard as he cried I still think me, Joey and Spencer hurt more than he did.

Can you see the bruises on his forehead?


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww! I just want to kiss his boo-boos. That is sad, but I'm very proud of you. I know how easy it would have been to just freak out on Spencer. Way to go! Mom of the week award!

MONICA said...

Oh, I hate that Miles got hurt! and that Spencer felt badly for the accident! I made my eyes teary too! You are a great mom and have the sweetest and most loving kids I know!

Anonymous said...

wow! you are the greatest mom ever! YOU do get the Best mom award! I feel for SPencer as well, I know he is hurt in the inside as Miles is on the outside. GOd heals and all is well