Monday, February 09, 2009

2nd most expensive date ever!

Today Randy and I had a date planned. Well, sort of a date. Okay, it wasn't a date, but we were calling it a date. I guess that makes it a date.


There's been this on going joke between us about how he never takes me to the city dump. He has to go there about once a month to dump his work trailer. He hates going, but he always comes back with the best stories. Most of my kids have gone with him, but I've never gone. Well, Friday night he brought his trailer home and he asked me if I wanted to go with him on Monday morning to dump it. So, all weekend we joked about our upcoming date to the dump.

He picked me up about 9 am and we were off. First we had to stop at the tire shop because he bought a spare tire for his trailer. His trailer was really full. Actually, it was too full. He recently removed a fireplace from a couple's home and he had to haul off all the bricks. His trailer had about 4000 pounds of bricks in it. That's about 2000 pounds too many. His trailer was riding really low and there was a lot of pressure on the tires.

We got one block away from the tire place and a tire popped. He got out to change the tire and a man came over from the business next door and asked him if he needed some help. He went and got his forklift and helped Randy change the tire. That was so awesome! He just came out of no where like an angel.

From there we went back to the tire place to get a new tire and a new rim. Well, again the trailer weighed so dang much that he couldn't get that thing up the driveway. Randy's trailer kept scraping the concrete so the owner started yelling for him to get off it. Randy got out of the truck to see what he needed to do to get up the driveway when one of the workers hopped in the truck with Miles and I and took off with the truck! He decided that he could get the truck up the driveway. It was so funny after I realized he wasn't trying to kidnap Miles and I. Anyway, he just drove real fast, complained about how his boss was a complainer, gave a guy a sarcastic wave for driving too fast and then rocketed the truck and trailer up the driveway. Then he fixed the tires. I was totally cracking up at the whole situation!

After all that we headed out to the dump, but we didn't get too far. We were driving down Treadaway when our trailer and truck started swaying. Randy wasn't speeding, but he was driving too fast for what he was hauling. He tried to stop the swaying, but the whole thing went out of control, we tail-pinned and smacked the back of a parked truck. The thing that holds the tires on the trailer broke. Our truck spun into the middle of the street and bricks went flying.

Well, no one was hurt. That's the #1 thing.

Several people stopped to see if we needed help. One guy stopped by because he owns a big pushing machine (don't know what it's called). He offered to push our trailer out of the street for 50 bucks. Considering there was no way we were going to be able to move the blasted thing...50 bucks was a great deal.

While Randy was taking care of Police business and such, me and two of Randy's helpers shoveled bricks and stuff into the back of his truck. Yep, I got me a shovel and worked too. It was actually so fun working like a man for a little while.

Now Randy is out there manually moving 4000 pounds of bricks into a borrowed trailer so he can take it to the dump...two trips this time. And, again, I'm missing out on getting to go. Some guys from the church found out Randy had to move all those bricks by hand (Because of my most awesome friend Rachel) and they offered to come and help him! How awesome is that? Our pastor is out there with a shovel working his tail off. Love it.

So, that was my exciting morning. Man, Randy's work day is so much more exciting than mine!

You may be wondering why this is the 2nd most expensive date ever. Well, today we had to pay for a couple of tires, no regular work done, additional charges for the dump, a ticket for the wreck, fixing the trailer and paying for the trailer to get pushed. That's pretty expensive.
I was talking to my Mom on the phone and I told her about the whole thing that just happened. Then I mentioned how that was our most expensive date ever. She disagreed. She reminded me of the date Randy and I went on while in Colorado. Oh yeah. She's right. I got pregnant with Melody on that date. That has turned out to be our most expensive date. :)

Of course I have pictures! I totally was going to take pictures of the dump for you!

This is the guy I thought was taking off with Miles and I. He ended up being so friendly!

All the stuff still in this trailer is what is being moved out manually! WOW!


God's Warrior Bride said...

What a cool date - I love stuff like this - it's like an adventure. Doug, on the other hand, would have flipped totally out. I'm glad you got to have a date with your sweet husband, see that angels appear out of nowhere, experience a little stunt driving, do a little "MAN"ual labor, feel the excitement of almost being kidnapped, see our wonderful guys from church help out! Gosh I'm a little jealous - all I've done today is prepare invoices! BORING!

Thanks for sharing your adventure.



trish said...

That was crazy! I can't believe it. I am so glad you blog. I love to see the craziness and the ways God uses His goodness in his kids to help us see that He is real and truly loves us.

Rachel said...

I just think that's terrible, but funny at the same time. . . wow! You still didn't get to go to the dump! ;(

I do think you should know that I just read your text and those guys jumped at the opportunity to come and help. I didn't say, "Hey, don't you think it would be a great idea if you went to help clean that up?"

They immediately started talking about all of this heavy equipment they could get to use to make it go faster, etc. That blessed me!! ;)

High in Demand said...

That totally blessed me too Rachel!

Anonymous said...

Wow...thanks for the run-down and the pics.