Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gait Trainer

Monday I had to take Miles to the doctor because he’s not been feeling well at all. While I was waiting for a room another family came in and sat near me. When the man saw us he came over and touched Miles’ legs. He asked me if Miles had cerebral palsy. I said yes. Then he asked me how old Miles was, and I told him 4 years old. Then he told me that his son has cerebral palsy and that he’s five. He sat back down next to his girlfriend. (She was not the mother of the child with cerebral palsy.) Then he told me something incredible. He said, “ The doctors kept saying my son would never walk, but he’s five now and he’s trying to run!” I looked at him and said, “That is so encouraging!” He then told me that his son had a wheelchair and “all that stuff.” He said that his son has had several surgeries. Last year his son began to crawl around using his hands and now he’s walking!!!

That testimony was water to my soul.

Today I took Miles to physical therapy and guess what his therapist decided to do? SHE PUT MILES ON A TREADMILL FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!! Yes, you heard me right. Miles was on a treadmill for 12 minutes today. JoBeth, his therapist strapped him up in a piece of equipment that suspended him in air over the treadmill then manually moved his feet in a walking motion on top of the treadmill. He loved it.

I’ve never seen Miles up in that position before and moving in a walking motion. If I had been all alone I think I would have let myself surrender and have a good cry. It was welling up in me, but I didn’t allow myself to get emotional. On the outside I was excited and cheering for Miles. On the inside I was interceding and begging God to allow Miles to walk on his own. Inside I was on my knees and weeping for what has never been. On the inside I was hoping for the same testimony as the man I met yesterday.

Miles did so well today on the “Gait Trainer” that his therapist said that she wants to put him in it every session. I looked it up online today and the suspension equipment is $1200 plus I would need a treadmill to have one in my home. Insurance doesn’t usually pay for this equipment. If Miles starts to show progressive movement while on the machine I think I’ll have to sell some blood or something to get him one for the house.

Seeing Miles walk is the stuff my dreams are made of.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I love it! I'm so glad that guy in the waiting room told you that. I don't know if he is a believer, but I'm pretty sure the Holy Spirit prompted him to talk to you. That is so awesome! And Miles "walking" on the treadmill! I'm so excited for you and him! Yay Miles!

trish said...

You will have a gait trainewr within 30 days!

Rachel said...

OK. . . I'll try to post my comment AGAIN!

Yay for encouragement in the doctor's office -- probably the place with the least encouragement for you!

Yay that Miles was probably wanting to run on the inside!! I could kind of see "inside his head" as I was reading your post and I could just see him so excited and ready to take off running!!

Yay for God to continue to heal Miles and let us see him run!!!

Love you!!

Amanda said...

There just aren't words for what I felt when I read this! God is so amazing! I'm so glad you got to see Miles walking on (in?) the gait trainer!!!


I can hardly type as I can't see thru my tears. WOW and OMG..
I can't wait to see Miles running on his own one day.
This is water my very soul as well as to yours....
What wonderful news
GO GOD.............

Anonymous said...

That is an excellent technique! Your PT is good!

I, too, do not think the man's comments were coincidental.