Thursday, February 05, 2009

In case you were wondering...

Personal preference here, but honestly, I don’t like pictures where people aren’t smiling.

Don’t take this personal if you think I’m talking about a photo I’ve seen of you OR one that you’ve personally taken.

I’m just sayin’.

For me, if there’s a photo being taken of me, then I want to be smiling.

I don’t want a picture of me looking into the far distance with a glazed look of constipation. I want to look happy and excited about having my picture taken. Maybe I just can’t pull of that serious sexy look. I’m okay with that. I come off more like I’m trying to recount my last four debit transactions so that I don’t overdraw my account. Not sexy.

Even more than my personal self-getting serious photos taken…I dislike my kids getting them taken. Why in the world would I want a photo of my kids gazing into a field while they contemplate their future with a stern face? Did I not give those kids a computer just last week? They better have a smile on their face! They’ve got things to be thankful for. They should be looking into that field thinking about how when they grow up they’re gonna buy their Mama a house. Those are the kind of pictures I like.

See What I mean?


Amanda said...

The second pictures kind of looks like you're scared. I totally get what you're saying!

Jennifer said...

Wow, Brandi. That's all I can say about that second pictures. Wow.

Jennifer said...

I just had a thought...Did LifeTouch take that second picture of you?

High in Demand said...

I took that picture of me to prove a point.

Point Made.

Start World Hunger said...

Every time I read your blog, I end up laughing my head off and showing Cole. He thinks your funny, too.