Friday, February 06, 2009

Zoo Day

I've been wanting to take my adorable little nephews to the zoo for awhile. It's one of those ideas that just never seem to happen. Things always get in the way that seem more urgent. Finally I put a picture of the kids on the background of my computer as a reminder to take them to the zoo.

Who wouldn't want to take these sweet faced kids to the zoo? They love their "Aunt Branne" and I wanted to take them out for an afternoon of fun. So, I did. Their names are Zacharia, Jeremiah & Obidaih. No. I'm not kidding. Zacharia & Jeremiah are twins and they're 3 years old. Obi is 2. They are Less than a year a part. For 10 days in May my brother Charlie will have three 3 year olds!

Okay, You know Miles.
Jeremiah is in Red. Zachariah is in Blue. Obi is the one with the most amazing blue eyes!

While we were out and about the kids said some really funny things!

When Zacariah saw the monkeys he scolded one of them. He pointed at a monkey and said, "You're naked. You're gross!"

When they saw the Buffalos , which they called "Buffos" one of them said, "Oh no! He's gonna kill me."

One time in the car I took a sharp turn and Jeremiah looked at me and said, "What the hell are you doing?" I laughed so hard! I know my brother drives much crazier than me so I don't know why he was talking about my driving!

In the car Jeremiah was sitting by me and he leaned over to confide in me. He said in the most serious way, "My brother is weird and my cousin is crazy."

After the snail picture Zacharia ran back over to the snail and gave him a swift kick on his bottom.

When we were feeding the ducks a bird got too close to Jeremiah and he yelled at the bird. He said, " Hey you scared me Butthead!" A little bit later the same boy noticed that I didn't have any cookies so he came over to me with his little hand full of cookies and said, "Here you go My Branne." I swooned.

The kids enjoyed each animal so much that we only saw about a third of the zoo. They weren't in a rush to see everything. They wanted to get to know each animal. I knew we weren't going to have time to see it all so I asked them if they wanted to see the Fish or Snakes. Unamiously they yelled and voted for SNAKES!!! This is the break down of the snake area according to the boys.
Tarantulas-Stinky (who knew?)
When we saw a really big snake one of the boys went over to Miles and patted him and told him that it was going to be okay. I thought that was so sweet!
When we saw another big snake one of them said, "Oh no! This is bad!"
There were a few skulls in the exhibit and Jeremiah kept saying, "They break em."

It was funny when they wanted me to pick them up so they could see better. They would hold their hands up and say, "I wanna go up there."

I love them! They're so sweet and cute! I think we'll have to go again and see the rest of the zoo.




Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest kids in the world! Yay for twins!

Rachel said...

That's hilarious!! With that much entertainment, who WOULDN'T want to take those 3 to the zoo? I love that one kicked the turtle!!