Thursday, January 13, 2011

For Hire

Do you have a Product or Business and you're looking for a New and Creative Way to Advertise? Well, look no further!

To make a few extra bucks we've decided to hire out Melody's backside for advertising. Right now she's got a gig with Taco Casa.

She temporarily subbed it out to her Pops.

So, if you've got a business & you're wanting to advertise let me know. We've got 7 backsides here just waiting to earn you and us money!

If you're looking to advertise with the Tween crowd then you will probably be wanting the JOEY package. He hangs out at Madison Middle School all day. You can also find him at the Tennis courts even when it's cold outside. The good thing about this package is that you know it's dependable. If he's agreed to work for you then you can relax and now that he will follow through! Your investment is almost risk free with this package!

If you don't mind spending a little extra cash you could go with the MILES package. His costs a little more because the lights on his wheelchair light up, plus he's really adorable so tons of people stare at him all the time. WIth this package you get more bang for your buck.

I would suggest the RANDY package if you would like your business to be seen in such establishments as Lowe's, Home Depot, McCoy's or other manly places. As often as he can he will advertise at The Leaf, so if you do not wish your product to be in places that glorify tobacco then you may want to think twice about this package. This package comes with authentic hard working man jeans guaranteed to have paint and caulk on them.

I already mentioned that Melody is working with Taco Casa at the moment, but she's always up for new, bigger and better adventures. With the MELODY package you not only get advertising, but she will also agree to work for candy or toys! This could save you money!!

If you've got an Unique or Quirky item you'd like to show off then the SPENCER package is what you're interested in. Spencer's bright red hair and fun loving personality will make your product shine. Spencer can be found walking his dog daily so our neighborhood will be blanketed with your special business! A special redhead for a special product!

Another great package that's available is the BRANDI package. With this package your business will be seen all over town and the Metroplex area! Brandi can be found in SCHOOLS, GROCERY STORES, HOSPITALS, CHURCHES, PHARMACIES, RESTAURANTS, DEPARTMENTS STORES, PEDIATRICIANS OFFICE...AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!! (If you're slogan is a little "wordy" then this package also may be good for you because Brandi has some extra room in the back for such accommodations as this.)

Lastly, we have the JOCIE package. If you've been looking for a pure, and morally correct place to advertise then this package is for you! Rarely will you find your advertising in a place that would embarrass your company or product. When in doubt of the package that's right for you the JOCIE package is a sure thing!

(Picture of Melody crossing her arms after she found out her brothers stuck a Taco Casa Bumber Sticker on her bottom)

**No, space is not really available on our rears.**

***Well, maybe, but we will have discuss prices.***

****Ok, yes, space is available! Let's talk today!!****


Cherryberry said...

You crack me up. Did you see that there really is a business that they wear your t-shirts for advertisement? You may really be on to something

Randy Wilson said...

Um.....I don't go into Home Depot unless I absolutly have to.

Kim @Denim and Curls said...

Brandi, You're hilarious!!!! Um.. I will talk to the owner of 'Denim and Curls'(me) and see what package I can afford. I am thinking the Melody package. Does she accept cookies for payment?? :)

High in Demand said...

Yes Kim, she will take candy, cookies, toys, high fives, free samples...

And Randy, I know. I just needed another man place and Home Depot was all I could think of. : )

Pamelotta said...

Ahhh, that was great. I'm so glad you have a blog :)