Monday, January 10, 2011

Wal-Mart Drama

I got in trouble at Wal-Mart last night. And, no, I wasn't trying to steal condoms! (That's what I put on my Facebook status last night.) The Details:

I had to go grocery shopping last night and on the way I called and chatted with my friend Liz. When I got there I wasn't ready to get off the phone and I don't like to shop while talking because my focus gets way down in the yellow. (from the movie ENVY) Anyway, while I finished up the conversation I just aimlessly walked around. I was by the women's clothing when I saw SWIMSUITS right next to BIG PUFFY WINTER COATS. I told Liz what I saw and we laughed about it for a second. Then I saw BLACK BIKINI'S next to a WHITE FLEECE SWEATER. We got off the phone and I decided I would take a picture of the cross-seasonal clothing and put them on Facebook because I thought it was humorous.

I snapped a bad photo of an ugly bathing suit next to a big puffy coat.

I wanted to get a different angle of the swimsuit so I go to take another picture when what should appear, but a Wal-Mart saleslady with a broom up her rear. (You notice how to took a famous line from a beloved Christmas story and turned it into a snarky remark about the Wal-Mart employee that's about to tell me off? )

The lady really seemed to materialize out of nowhere! She came up to me and asked, "Can I help you?"
For a second I just stared at her because she came up on me so quickly. It was like she had Wal-Mart Super Powers. I told her that I didn't need any help. Then she said, "You cannot take photos in here." I said, "Really?" I was then going to go into my humorous observation of the bikini and sweater situation, but she wasn't having any of it. She said, "Yes, really. THANK YOU." And she left. I wanted to yell out, "I didn't say you're welcome!" (but I didn't) I wanted to yell out, "The swimsuits here are ugly!" (but I didn't) I was totally bummed because I had taken the first picture, but the bikini/sweater was the picture I REALLY wanted!

Oh I wanted that photo! The rule follower in me would not allow it. Did I catch myself back over at the bikini's with the thought of just taking a quick photo? Perhaps, but the rule follower won. (as usual)

So you will have to use your imagination. Picture this sweater from L.L.Bean and this black bikini from ??? next to one another at our local Wal-Mart.

Isn't that funny????

I thought so.

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