Thursday, January 20, 2011

Homeschool Space

Here are some pictures of our homeschool space. We do most of our school work at the kitchen table. We used to move all over the house, but we've become kind of a machine. We used to take breaks, eat lunch, read snuggled up in bed, but not much anymore. We sit down to do our work and plow through it. We always try to get done by 1:00. I've usually got something I have to do in the afternoons so schoolwork needs to be done. Every once in awhile we will have to do our last two subjects, which are history and science after I pick the other kids up from school, but that breeds chaos. Anyway, I just thought you'd like to see some pictures of our cute this space. href="">

Oh Yeah, and on the chalkboard I was letting Spencer call out the spelling words to me to see if I could spell them all. The list was of French Words. I misspelled a couple of them. Can you find the misspelled word or words??? Those dang Frenchies spell their words weird! : )


Fiver said...

Just caught up on you guys. Whew!! You've been writing but now I'm caught up on jesting Joey, super Spencer, joyous Josie, magnificent Melody, and mighty Miles!!

I miss your face!!! Thank you for letting us kidnap Spencer for the weekend. Jackson was so thrilled and they were awesome.

Thinking of you guys and praying!

Blessings and LOVE,


Ashlee said...

Your homeschool space is most definitely cooler then mine!

Rachel said...

Since when did you paint the wall? I love love love it!!!

High in Demand said...

Oh my gosh Rachel! Have you not been to my house in that long???? I did it in AUGUST!!!!