Monday, January 31, 2011

My Spencer

Today was a rough homeschool day. Spencer just wasn't "feelin' it." He kept getting easily frustrated. I tried being patient, but it just kept going on, and then he began to be rude to me. He was acting like I was punishing him by making him do his school work. I finally told him that if he was rude to me or even gave me another ugly look that he would have to finish the day's school work on his own. Well, it happened. I didn't say a word. I just looked at the rest of the lessons, which only happened to be science and history and wrote out what he had to do to complete the work. I also told him that I didn't deserve to be treated in that way.

I think he was a little shocked by the whole thing. He told me he was sorry and I forgave him. He didn't throw a fit. He took it like a Champ and did all the work by himself, AND WITH A GOOD ATTITUDE!

As if that wasn't awesome enough...When I came home from picking up the other kids from school he had a surprise for me! He had gone to Dollar General (he had permission from his Grandma who was watching him) and with his own money bought me this:

He told me he was sorry for how he had treated me!

Tears filled my eyes. He had the sweetest face!

I'm so blessed to have the children that I do! Thank you Lord for each one of them and their sweet and tender hearts!


dave said...

Your children amaze me Brandi. I think they have great parents, and they will do great things.

Fiver said...


:D (((((HUGS)))))


Pastor Travis & Jessica said...

awwwww....that's the sweetest thing ever!! You have some amazing children!!

This immediately brings Prov. 31:28 to mind..."her children rise up and call her blessed." Love you girl!!!