Monday, January 17, 2011


I started cross stitching when I was 7 or 8. A teacher taught my class one year at Christmas. We worked on it every day after lunch for about a month. We made a little Christmas Wreath. I loved doing it! I've cross stitched off and on every since then. I made all my children baby blankets. The last few years I started making the blankets and putting them away for my future grandchildren. Of course I know that seems premature, but I have 5 kids and since it takes me a year to make a blanket...I want to make sure they each get one. The girls have always been interested in my sewing. They always ask if they can help me. I will let them pull the needle through or cut my string. Well, last night I took the time to TEACH them how to cross stitch. I've explained the basics here and there, but last night I taught them how to do the whole thing. I taught them how to use the sewing hoop. Then I had them practice putting it on and off. Next I taught them both how to thread a needle and knot their thread at the end. They practiced that for a long time. Then I taught them how to read the pattern. Next they got to learn how to sew on their own and how to tie off before cutting their thread. They caught on so quickly! They've been sewing every since! They love it. They keep thanking me for teaching them. It's been so neat to watch them. Their work is coming out beautiful. I love that I taught them how to do it all. Now they can sew when they want. They've been planning all sorts of projects for their "babies in the future."

The last four pictures are of some things I've done recently. I'm sure Jocie & Melody will be catching up with me in no time!

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Ashlee said...

This is really neat. Lydie would love it.