Friday, February 11, 2011

And the winner is...

Yesterday a new American Classified (It will always be Thrifty Nickel to me) came out and there was a sweet sweet ad in there FOR ME!!! Randy, who apparently is the sweetest husband ever put this note in there for me and then took me to eat lunch yesterday and let me find it in the paper by telling me "hot and cold." How sweet is that? It was very fun. "You get your name in the pape and you're famous!" (quote from Newsies)

Anyway, I know you want to know who the winner is!!!!! I put all your names on a pretty piece of paper and then picked one out of a bag.(Carolyn got 2 just like I told her she would!) Before I reveal the winner...I just want to say that ALL OF YOUR WORDS MEANT SO MUCH TO ME! They made me feel so good! I love you all!


My Funny Jennifer! She is basically the Polar Opposite of me! That's probably why we're such good friends! I've seen her grow and mature in so many areas. She's always striving to be more than she is today. Several years ago I had the honor of baptizing her in Clyde Lake! I love her so much and I know if anyone messes with me she's the one I can call if I need someone to be Throat Punched!

I will show you the prize she gets after she receives it!!! (Which will be tonight.)



Elizabeth said...

AWWWWWWW. Im soooooo jealous of your marriage and your amazing husband!!! He is great and you are blessed and he is blessed to have you as his AMAZING wife. I am a little upset that I didnt win the prize but I guess you are prize enough for me;-) And just so you know I would like to THROAT PUNCH someone whether they mess with you or not:0)

I love you!!


High in Demand said...

Liz! Isn't that amazing that he did that?
When I was looking in the paper I first saw an ad that for a DIVORCE for $47 to $99. I asked him if he brought me to the restaurant so he could tell me he was divorcing me. He said, "Yeah, and I need to borrow $47-$99." : )

When I was still looking for MY AD I found another Divorce one, but it was $99 and you could use it if there were kids involved. I said, "Well, this one wouldn't work for us since the kids aren't yours." hahaha

But then I read the ad, and we decided to stay together forever and I admitted that the kids were really his. So, happy ending.

High in Demand said...
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Pastor Travis & Jessica said...

that Randy is sooo awesome!!! You are truly a blessed woman!!! :)

Pamelotta said...

How sweet. Funny story to go along with it, too.

I feel like I'm already a winner because you mentioned me in your blog! And just because I love you, I got you a present. And I'm going to give it to you even though you didn't pick me. That's what a good friend I am. I can't decide if I should mail it or bring it to you in person. I do owe you a lunch so I guess I could do it then. I'll just let you think about that for a while ;)

Fiver said...

Hooray Jennifer!!! I'm a little sad. I was hoping for a new hottub or an island getaway but I guess I'll live :D!!!!

Have a great weekend!!