Thursday, February 03, 2011

Snow Fun!

Snow Days, No School, 5 Kids, No TV. What to do?

We've played board games, made flip books, sewed, carved people out of soap, played leggos, homeschooled together, chased our dog after she caught her first bird and proudly brought it in the house to show her family, made cards, took naps AND...

A friend of mine named Toy posted on Facebook a great idea. She suggested filling up water guns with food colored water to play with in the snow. I loved the idea but we don't have any water guns. Then I remembered all the huge syringes that Miles has for feedings. I surprised the kids with water colored syringes. If you look at the picture I put a regular sized syringe in there so you could tell just how big the other ones really are. They had a lot of fun with it.

Love Days Like These!

Miles isn't in to snow. He stayed snugly warm in his bed.

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Fiver said...

Glad you've enjoyed your babies. People keep asking me if we're sick of being together yet but honestly we like hanging out together too.

Still praying,