Thursday, June 01, 2006


Last week Randy (my husband) planned to take our boys to breakfast on the last day of school. They all planned to eat donuts. One of my sons wanted to go to his favorite donut shop and the other son wanted to go to his favorite donut shop. Of course what happened is big brother Joey talked little brother Spencer into going to Joey’s place of choice.
So, they got to the donut shop and have their donuts picked out when Joey asked Randy if they could all eat in the van. Randy didn’t want to, and Spencer protested so they sat down at a table. Randy looked at Joey and he had tears filled in his eyes. Joey asked Randy if he knew why he was upset and Randy told him that he didn’t. Joey said, “Because they have the Idol Buddha here and I don’t want to be here”.
When Randy heard the reason he agreed with Joey and they all went to the van. They decided to eat their donuts at the park across the street from their school. As they were sitting there Joey was talking about how he couldn’t believe they had the Idol Buddha there. When Spencer heard this he was outraged and said, “You mean they had Idols there? Do they worship them?” Randy said that they probably did. Then Randy asked Joey if we should still continue to eat there. Joey thought about his for a minute and he said, “I really like their food, but we can’t eat there anymore because they worship Idols.”

I’ve been thinking about this so many times since that day. How awesome would it be if each of us were as mature as this 7 year old thinking? If something’s wrong we choose not to do it. If something goes against the Word of God then we stay away from it. If we enjoy something but it’s not pleasing or honorable to God we run to our van. So, I guess my tip for the month is:

If you’re around something the Lord said BAN
don’t sin just run to the VAN!

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