Thursday, June 01, 2006

Buzz Cut

Today I took Joey & Spencer to cut their hair. We've talked about Joey geting a "Buzz Cut" for years but we've never done it. I thought the term Buzz Cut was official haircutting language for shaved head but the haircut performer was not familiar with this thing called the Buzz Cut. I immediately became nervous about letting the lady loose with a razor near my son's head. That was an unexpected tangent. I had planned on writing something else about the trip.

Okay, so we were sitting there waiting for the haircuts and we already knew Spencer was getting his red locks cut and the big debate was if I was going to indeed let Joey get a "Buzz Cut" this time or not. I was undecided so I just told Joey to pray about it and ask the Lord if he should get one or not. Joey agreed and closed his eyes and then he opened them back up and smiled big at me and said, "Oops...I prayed the lunch prayer".

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Bloomin' Cactus said...

That is too funny!!! So, did Joey get the buzz cut!!