Monday, June 19, 2006

Stinky Easy Mac!

Today my Mother In Law came over to let me rest this morning since we didn't get in from Six Flags until 2:00 this morning. She had the great idea to make the kids pancakes. (Us and our great ideas!) Well, she gets in the house with a mission to make pancakes, but the kids have other plans for Grandma! They wanted to tell her about every detail of their trip. Joey was going down the list of rides the he rode and the list of rides that he will ride next time. Melody got down a blown glass hummingbird that Spencer got on his trip yesterday, broke it, and Spencer went in hysterics! He was crying so hard. At the same time everyone of them wanted to help make pancakes with Grandma. When I walked into the kitchen Joey had the hot glue gun fixing Spencer's hummingbird, and Spencer was insisting that he knew how to crack eggs. It is true that Spencer knows how to crack eggs. He smacks them on the counter real hard and they crack all over the place! So, that's what he did and he got grossed out at the egg all over his hand so he ran to the bathroom to throw up. Did I mention that the two little girls had the spice drawer opened and their fingers in the powdered sugar? They did.
So, with all that going on I decided it was time to go back to bed. :) I was in bed all snuggled up just about asleep when Shirley comes to my room panicked because she thought she couldn't get my stove turned off so it was smoking up the place. I got up out of bed and walked into the kitchen that was full of smoke. It was terrible! Everyone was coughing and choking. Melody had taken her orange juice and ran for cover and spilled it all over the floor.
Come to find out Grandma Shirley makes different pancakes then Mommy does. She makes whole wheat pancakes so they are brown. My kids didn't think brown pancakes were going to work out for them so they wouldn't eat them. The girls decided they wanted waffles, Spencer wanted Toaster Studel, and Joey wanted a box of Easy Mac that I got free at the store the other day. He insisted that he knew how to make the Easy Mac. Unfortunately, his Easy Mac skills are as great as Spencer's egg cracking skills!
Shirley had turned off my stove correctly. Joey had cooked a package of Easy Mac for three and a half minutes without using any water! Oh my goodness that macaroni was completely black! It was horrible. Smoke was every where! We had to open all the doors and some of the windows. Jocie kept saying, "It's in my throat!" I can still taste it. When Randy came home for lunch he had a strange face and asked, "What's cooking?" I think he was relieved that it wasn't his lunch in the making.
So, my house smells like crispy pancakes! So does everything that you cook in the microwave! Joey can't stop talking about it. He was glad that Miles was still asleep because he didn't think that Miles could have handled the smell.
My Mother-in-Law said that I probably wasn't going to let her come over any more after that episode. YEAH RIGHT! If she thinks that smoking up my kitchen one time is going to prevent me from letting her take care of my five children while I take a nap she's wrong! She's going to have to come up with something better than that! :)
The ending...Joey and Spencer came to my room and said that they were going to make a banner that read, "Easy Mac Stinks!" and sit in front of Wal-Mart with it. Comments like that make it all worth it!

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Bloomin' Cactus said...

I am laughing so hard right now!! Poor Shirley!! At least everyone was trying to help!! You should have grabbed your camera and shot pictures for that story!! =) That is just too funny!!!