Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tribute to Holli

Today is Holli's Birthday. I'm going to drive there today to Surprise her for her birthday! I'm so excited! I made her a scrapbook page with the following story on it and I felt like sharing it.

Once upon a time there were two beautiful Princess Girls named Holli & Brandi.
They were the best of friends! They enjoyed lots and lots of adventures together. Their King was the King of Kings! His name was and IS Jesus! He loved them both very dearly! In a book that the King wrote he said the he thought of Princess Holli and Princess Brandi more times than there are grains of sand!
Princess Holli & Princess Brandi saw each other through so many good times, and a few bad times. They watched their bellies grow when they were having babies at the same time. They also saw each other’s clothes size go up and down, up and down, and up and down. They discussed many times how they could keep their clothes from going up again! They attended countless birthday parties together. They enjoyed long talks with lots of laughing and lots of crying. They watched as their two children turned into eight children. They even tried taking all their kids to a movie once, but that didn’t work out too well.
One day Princess Holli moved away, and both Princess girls were sad. They thought things would never be the same, but then they realized that their Father, King Jesus had put something inside the Princess Girls that would forever make them friends. Jesus filled them with so much love inside that the Princess Girls couldn’t help but continue their friendship! He showed them that they could mail love gifts and letters, and that they could even talk on the phone. He even made a way for Princess Brandi to Surprise Princess Holli on her birthday with a visit! King Jesus was so caring to the Princess Girls.
There really is no end to this story. Princess Holli & Princess Brandi’s friendship does not even end in death! It goes on and on throughout eternity! You see, their King Jesus has a mansion in heaven where they will live some day. One day Princess Holli sent a card to Princess Brandi requesting that Holli’s mansion was right next to Brandi’s and I’m sure King Jesus will see to that!

Happy Birthday Princess Holli!

With Much Love,
Princess Brandi

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