Monday, November 20, 2006

Ho Hum...

Well, after that last gloomy post I've wanted to write something enlightening, witty, hilarious or controversial, but I got nothin'.

I didn't see Jack Black dressed like a King.

I didn't find a missing letter that somehow made me feel God is in control.

I didn't learn how to play Sudko and become easily obsessed with playing the game.

Nothing. I got nothing.

Oh creative stick come back to me.

I did have a great weekend away with my husband, but I can't write anything about that. That is Top Secret, Private, Report Blog for Questionable Material type stuff.


Ashlee said...

You got a shockingly loud gasping laugh from me on that one.

ericaprosser said...

Come on, give us a little piece of gum!

Tangerine Tinselbreeze said...

I am serious, I accidentaly hit the Objectional Content button as my finger were trying to hit search Blogs- I am so sorry- if they warn you or something, tell them it was an accident!
And by the way- I so love Jack Black too- he is FANtasteek!