Monday, November 20, 2006

Where for art thou Repair Man?

Day Four for the Family of Seven to be without a refrigerator! Yikes!

Well, the repair man did not show up again today. When Randy got home I asked him what was up and he went in Warrior mode. He tracked down the said repair man to a nearby alley and he went after the hunt.

He came to tell me that he would be right back. He did not ask if it was okay. He did not consider the plans we have made for dinner. He meant business and I said not a word.

Jocie came in and asked where Poppa went and I told her that her Poppa went to track down the Refrigerator Man in the alley to which she said, "Hally Mat-a-Roll!" I couldn't agree more!

This will be our first time to ever host Thanksgiving dinner in our home. Almost all of Randy's family will be here for Thanksgiving and as of right now we do not have a refrigerator. The compressor on ours went out on Friday. Thanksgiving to Randy's family is Big. The idea of not having a refrigerator merely days before the precious event spins Randy's nerves into knots. I really should be interceding for the Repair Man instead of typing this post.


Yikes...the scent of the Repair Man went cold. Randy just returned from the hunt without any meat. He went directly to the bath to clean up his wounds. I guess dinner is still going to have to wait.

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